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Jake Cuenca on Lovi Poe: 'She means a lot to me, but I'm taking it slow'

Jake Cuenca regrets being too emotional on Twitter because of his feelings for Lovi Poe.



12/18/2012 10:08 AM
Jake Cuenca on Lovi Poe: 'She means a lot to me, but I'm taking it slow'

121812-jake_main.jpgJake Cuenca said he regrets being too emotional in his tweets about his love life for the past few months. This led some people to believe that he has been having troubles with his rumored girlfriend Lovi Poe. “No, I have no angst towards her. Kung ano man yun, nangangamusta lang naman ako sa kanya. Actually, wala naman akong negative na twineet about her,” he said in an interview with Push.com.ph.

As it is, Jake’s tweets sometimes hinted of his frustration over the fact that Lovi seems unsure of making a serious commitment at this point in her life. But the talented actor realized that it wouldn’t do him any good to vent out his feelings on Twitter all the time. “Yes, I have my moments just like anyone else. Siguro naman ‘pag pagod ka, ‘pag stress ka, it happens from time to time. I’m guilty of it. Pero iniiwasan ko rin. Kasi nga I realized it’s wrong. It’s not right to everyone who follows me on Twitter. Obligasyon ko naman sa kanila na magbigay ng inspirasyon at na-realize ko hindi naman tama mag-tweet ng ganon.”

But when prodded about the depth of his feelings for Lovi, Jake said that he’s not in a rush to enter a relationship as well. “I’m taking it slow. She means a lot to me but I’m taking it slow. Isang pagkakamali ko noon pa man is to just really jump into something, [tapos] eventually nagpe-fade din. I’m not getting any younger. Kung may papasukan man akong love life, gusto ko sana yun na yun.” 

In a separate interview with Lovi, the actress maintained that she’s flattered knowing that Jake has been very vocal about his feelings for her. To which he replied, “I guess I’m flattered also na nare-recognize niya ‘yan. But again, wala naman ako sinasabing hindi totoo e. Lovi is an amazing woman. She's such a beautiful girl. Kahit naman sinong lalaki masasabi yun about her. Sobrang bait at sobrang ganda niya. I’m just really amazed by her.”

So is he still hoping for Lovi to become his girlfriend? “Mahirap mag-expect e.  I just let things fall into place. Yun na lang. Tuloy ang pagkakaibigan.”