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  • Enchong Dee on his relationship with Julia Montes: 'Siguro hindi na siya katulad ng dati.'

Enchong Dee on his relationship with Julia Montes: 'Siguro hindi na siya katulad ng dati.'

Enchong Dee suggests that for his closeness with Julia Montes to flourish, they should both exert effort.



12/11/2012 9:56 AM
Enchong Dee on his relationship with Julia Montes: 'Siguro hindi na siya katulad ng dati.'

121112-enchong_main.jpgEnchong Dee said that people can expect something different from their upcoming Metro Manila Film Fest entry The Strangers. Others stars in the movie include Julia Montes, JM de Guzman, Enrique Gil, Nico Antonio, Jaime Fabregas, Cherry Pie Picache, and Janice de Belen. Enchong and Julia previously worked together in The Reunion but unlike their roles in the lighthearted movie, their characters in the upcoming suspense-horror flick are a little bit edgier.

Iba kasi ‘yung characters namin dito. ‘Yung mga previous na [kung saan] nakatrabaho ko siya, iba,” Julia explained. She added that their characters then were closer to their true personalities as compared to their roles in The Strangers. “’Yung interaction ibang-iba, ‘yung ine-expect ng tao na cutie-cutie dito hindi [nila makikita].”

During the press conference for the movie, Enchong was asked directly if he was still pursuing Julia. The actor confessed, “I have to be honest, after nung US tour namin, she flew to Europe for three weeks [to shoot her movie with Coco] and then went back to the [United] States after. Ngayon lang talaga ulit kami nagkita talaga.” He added that in that entire time, they didn’t have constant communication and they never saw each other.

Though he denied that their closeness has changed, Enchong said that their busy schedules are really the cause why they have not spent more time with each other. In a one-on-one interview, Enchong clarified that he and Julia haven’t broken up because they haven’t become a couple yet. “Wala namang kailangang ipaghiwalay, pero siguro hindi na lang siya katulad ng dati, ‘yun lang,” he said candidly. When prodded if their lack of time for each other affected their “relationship” Enchong answered, “Malaking bahagi ang oras siyempre sa kung anuman.”

He was also comforted by some members of the press that he and Julia now have more chance to see each other since the actress is back from abroad. “Tingnan natin,” he replied. “Kasi kumbaga kahit andito ka hindi rin naman kami magkikita pa, pareho lang din, di ba?

In a separate interview, Julia suggested that it is up to Enchong if he would still continue to pursue her. In reaction to this, the actor-athlete replied, “Siguro totoo. Siguro nasa sa akin pero sa isang relasyon di ba dapat dalawang tao? Nasa sa dalawang tao. Pareho.”

He did not deny the fact that Julia played a big part in his life in 2012, however, for their relationship to flourish, Enchong suggested that it should be a dual effort.