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Andi Eigenmann reacts to Jacklyn's statement over Jake

The actress expresses her opinion on her blog about her mother's statement regarding her relationship with Jake Ejercito.

Andi Eigenmann reacts to Jacklyn's statement over Jake-Mika Esperanza
Mika Esperanza


11/05/2012 12:33 PM
Andi Eigenmann reacts to Jacklyn's statement over Jake
110512-andi_main.jpgHindi na napigilan ng aktres na si Andi Eigenmann ang sarili nang maglabas ng saloobin sa naunang pahayag ng inang si Jaclyn Jose na di umano ay hindi sang-ayon ang magulang ni Jake Ejercito na si dating pangulong Joseph Estrada sa kanilang relasyon dahil sa may anak na siya.

Sa kanyang blog site na andieigengirl.com, humingi ng tawad si Andi sa mga naapektuhan ng pahayag ng ina.  

Ani Andi, nauunawaan niya ang sinabi ng ina na ang nais lang ay kung ano ang makakabuti sa kanya. Nilinaw din niyang hindi naman siya galit kay Jaclyn.

"I never write entries anymore but I guess this is one advantage of social media. I can use this as a way of properly telling people how I feel or what I want to say, without the press getting it wrong or twisting my words around, well, since I am already writing it myself. In behalf of my mother, Id just like to apologize for certain things she might have said that might've put certain people in a bad light. I know for a fact that it wasn't her intention at all. Maybe at that point, she too was only being a mom. Just as your parents would want whats best for you, she just wants the same for me, and this time I'm guessing she just wanted to let others know that I deserve it too. (in her opinion that is). I'm not angry at my mother, don't get me wrong. Besides the fact that I'm not allowing myself to, 'cus i have respect for her, I also know that she couldn't have possibly done that to throw Jake and I under the bus on purpose."

Sa nasabing blog, tahasan na ding inamin ni Andi ang pagmamahal niya kay Jake. Ani Andi, hindi din siya iibig kay Jake kung hindi dahil sa mabubuting katangian nito na dulot na din ng kanyang mga magulang.  

"Anyway, off to my point. Wait, what is my point? I just really hope Id be granted an opportunity to apologize personally, to show more sincerity than this blog post. But I guess this could be a good way to start. Maybe somehow Id be heard. Well just incase, here goes. I would'nt have fallen in love with such a fine young man if not for the amazing parents he has that surely raised him well. People who brought him up to be the smart, kind hearted, humble gentleman that he is. Therefore, I know for a fact that it will be wrong for all of you to judge his parents negatively just because they only want what’s best for him. Now that I'm a mother myself, its easier for me to see the picture for their angle. Both from my mom’s and his. I may not be as experienced as they are, Maybe I have yet to gain even half the amount of wisdom they have, but what I'm sure of is that both our parents will do anything just as long as we, the children, will never be put to harm. So just as a lot of you may understand my situation and believe that I still deserve to be loved and respected amidst what I have gone through, we should all understand that his parents only want the best for their son. I can attest to the fact that they do not have closed minds at all and that there maybe two sides to this story as well. I will do the honor of throwing myself under the bus, myself, by trying to speak on behalf of them too. The mistake I made in the past was not the fact that I have Ellie. It goes beyond that. Obviously, Ellie would'nt have happened if her dad was out of the picture already. And then maybe Jake and I could've lived happily ever after.. I trust that you guys be smart enough to figure that one out for yourselves."

Sa huli, inamin ni Andi na madali sana ang manahimik na lang sa isyu pero hindi sa pagkakataong ito na ang kanyang taong pinahahalagahan ay naapektuhan.  Ani Andi, gagawin niya ang lahat para patunayan na karapat dapat din siya kay Jake. Naniniwala din ang aktres na may pangalawa pa siyang pagkakataon para maging masaya kahit pa nagkamali na siya noong una.

"Normally, the Andi that learned from her mistakes would've just chosen to keep quiet and wait for things to die down. I would have chosen to leave all this up to God and trust that he’d keep Jake and I happy. But its harder when its someone else you truly care about that gets affected. I know maybe Ill never be good enough for him in other people’s eyes. But I also know that because I do care a lot, I can prove them wrong. I'm not perfect, and I'm only human. People make mistakes. But that doesn't mean were not allowed to learn from them and deserve forgiveness too. I trust that everything will be alright in God’s time."