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Daiana Menezes admits that she is very much in love with a Filipino

Daiana Menezes shares why the Philippines is like her second home.

Daiana Menezes admits that she is very much in love with a Filipino-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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11/29/2012 09:59 AM
Daiana Menezes admits that she is very much in love with a Filipino
112912-diana_main.jpgCurrently seen twice a week in a beauty makeover segment on Umagang Kay Ganda, Brazilian beauty Daiana Menezes admitted that out of all the countries she has lived in, it is the Philippines that is closest to her heart. “I’ve been to Shanghai, Thailand, Hong Kong, and I’ve lived in Korea. I’ve lived in eight different places in Asia where the cultures are very different and the languages are different. Everything is different and the friends are also different. But nothing compares to the Philippines. Out of all the countries I’ve been to, this is really my second home,” she said.

Daiana admitted she feels flattered that even when she goes out-of-town, people can relate to her and recognize her from television. “Kahit sa probinsya when they see me, they copy my lines sa commercials and ako naman I take it as a compliment kasi naaalala pala nila ako dun,” she said.

Currently engaged to Cagayan de Oro Representative Jose Benjamin Benaldo, the 25-year-old model-host admitted she is very much in love with her new beau. “I’m engaged to a Filipino guy, we met January this year. Hopefully we’re going to tie the knot very soon (laughs). I don’t know, but I’ve always loved Filipinos and now it just so happens that I fell in love with a Filipino. One of the things I love about them is that in times of trouble they really step up. Some of them, they don’t. Ako I’m the type of person that if you ask me if I’m dating somebody, I’m going to say yes or no. There is nothing to hide. I have already had three boyfriends. There is nothing to be shy about. And I’m very proud to say that I’m really very much in love with a Filipino,” she said.

Although no date has been set, Daiana said she hopes to fulfill her dream of having a beach wedding with friends and family invited from all over the world. “That’s still my plan. I’ll have people I love fly in for that wonderful day,” she said. Daiana said that even though she still wants to do a lot of things in her life as a single person, she feels that her engagement is also a good thing for her. “Parang seryoso naman kaming dalawa and mukha namang we’re not getting any younger and I’m not naman stopping my work and same with him and we actually inspire each other,” she added.

Apart from modelling and hosting, Daiana is also busy pursuing an acting career and working on several local and international movie projects set for release next year. “I’m shooting six movies at the same time. Six different concepts, one is comedy, one is drama… paiba-iba and some of them are done abroad. One of them is a Christian film. The producer is the producer of Pretty Woman so we’re working with a different group and they’re very professional. In the Hollywood one naman I have to speak with an American accent so I’m going back to the States to finish that,” she shared.

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