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Lee Min Ho shares what he finds attractive in women

Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho says he is just a regular guy off-camera.

Lee Min Ho shares what he finds attractive in women-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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11/20/2012 08:48 AM
Lee Min Ho shares what he finds attractive in women
112012-leeminho_main.jpgAfter meeting his Filipino fans last weekend, Korean actor Lee Min Ho said he was happy to have such a strong fan base in the country. After starring in popular Kapamilya–aired series like Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter, Min Ho is now also the face of one of the most popular local clothing lines in Asia.

The talented actor said he is honored to have been chosen as the new image model for Bench because he gets the chance to see his face on billboards all over the city. But when it comes to girls, Min Ho said being fashionable is not that important to him. “When it comes to fashion, sometimes it could be a woman in a bikini or a woman wearing a simple dress. It really doesn’t matter what she’s wearing, but it comes down to how she projects herself, what is appropriate. It doesn’t necessarily have to be revealing or sexy but confidence is very sexy and attractive,” he explained.

Although he admits to being meticulous about the clothes he wears and how he styles his hair, Min Ho said he has very simple taste in fashion. “I don’t take a lot of time when I’m shopping. I’m usually done in about an hour or an hour and a half. I don’t like to think a lot about what I’m going to buy so it’s short and sweet. That’s how I shop,” he said.

During his press conference with the media last week, event host Sam Oh translated for him as he gamely answered questions. The actor-turned-model admitted he did not initially know if acting was for him. “I first thought of becoming an actor when I was 19 and luckily I had a chance to try it out but it was around the time I turned 20 that I really decided that acting was for me. It was also around this time that I was deciding on a career path and that’s when it solidified that I was going to become an actor. I like Leonardo Di Caprio as an actor,” he said.

Before he got into acting, Min Ho admitted his childhood dream was to become a professional football player. Now, he still enjoys playing the sport during his days off. “When I have spare time, I like to play soccer with my friends. I also like to watch movies, but I make sure to do it at a time when there aren’t that many people. I usually like to stay home. I am a homebody,” he said.

The Korean cutie said that after tackling complex characters in his previous projects, he wants a change of pace for his next role. “In the last two dramas that I did, I played two very heavy, dark characters so in my next role I would like to portray somebody who shows a lighter side of me. Someone who is not so uptight and is relaxed. That kind of character would be fun,” he said.

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