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Lee Min Ho is a big hit with Filipino fans

Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho interacts with his fans during the 'Global Benchsetter Fun Meet' at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Rachelle Siazon


11/17/2012 11:23 PM
Lee Min Ho is a big hit with Filipino fans
111812-leeminho_main.jpgKorean heartthrob Lee Min Ho warmed up easily to over ten thousand Filipino fans who went to see him at the Global Benchsetter Fun Meet at the Smart Araneta Coliseum held last Friday night, November 16. His face lit up as soon as he came up on stage and saw the packed venue filled with fans who waited to meet the star of hit Korean series such as Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter.

During the interview portion with event host/translator Sam Oh, Min Ho shared that he has been getting a lot of requests from his Filipino fans to visit the Philippines. So when he was offered to be a Bench endorser, he immediately accepted it because he believes in the brand’s stature in the fashion industry. But more importantly, he was thrilled because it would finally give him the chance to meet his Filipino supporters.

111812-leeminho_main1.jpgThe dashing 23-year-old further made the audience more kilig when he said that he finds Filipino women very passionate and shy at the same time. He added that it would be a very good idea to have a Filipino girlfriend since he also had the impression that the people are very nice and warm.

On a personal note, Min Ho went on to describe his life back in Korea. Contrary to popular belief, he enjoys experiencing a sense of normalcy when he's away from the spotlight. During his free time, he loves watching movies, going for walks, staying at home, and playing video games. His favorite cartoon character is Ryo Saeba from the City Hunter manga.

When asked about his dream roles, Min Ho explained that his last two projects City Hunter and Faith were a bit heavy. As such, he'd like to take it easy next year and do more carefree roles. He doesn't mind if it's a movie or a TV series as long as it's a good project. Aside from acting, he admitted that one of his greatest frustrations is dancing.

111812-leeminho_main2.jpgWhile the fans enjoyed the interview, the main highlight of the event was the games segment. Ten lucky fans got the chance to play “Spin The Wheel” with the Korean star. The choices in the game stated what kind of prize or activity that they'd do with Min Ho. It included a handshake, a signed T-shirt, a life-sized poster of Min Ho, and a photo op among others. But Min Ho was so eager to please his Filipino fans that he also offered a hug and a photo op with all of the winners.

For the last part, the five winners of that “Act That Scene” were also invited on stage. They were female fans who sent in a video reenactment of a dramatic scene of Min Ho's leading lady in City Hunter. Min Ho was obviously entertained by the entries because he was really smiling a lot while watching the video previews. But for the winning entry, he chose the one from a 16-year-old, adding that the girl showed the right emotions and gave attention to details by showing shots of her hands and shoes in the video.

(Banner photo courtesy of Sany Chua with Instagram photos from Rachelle Siazon)