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  • Korean actor Lee Min Ho says that he has gotten to know his fans because of Twitter and Facebook.

Korean actor Lee Min Ho shares why he feels very close to Filipinos

Korean actor Lee Min Ho says that he has gotten to know his fans because of Twitter and Facebook.

Korean actor Lee Min Ho shares why he feels very close to Filipinos-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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11/17/2012 12:44 AM
Korean actor Lee Min Ho shares why he feels very close to Filipinos
111612-minho_main.jpgAfter arriving in the country on Thursday afternoon, Korean actor Lee Min Ho went straight from the airport for his Bench press conference at the Makati Shangri-la hotel. The event was hosted by Sam Oh who also served as the interpreter for Min Ho.

The heartthrob, who starred in popular Korean series which were aired on ABS-CBN like Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter, was visibly apologetic for the almost two-hour wait. “It wasn’t my fault. But I’m very sorry,” he said before answering questions from the press. The new Bench endorser is staying in the country for four days and admits he is looking forward to meeting his Filipino fans.

“I usually communicate with my fans through Twitter and Facebook. My fans mention me and message me a lot but I haven’t been able to reply to all of them, but because I hear so much from all of my Filipino fans. I feel very close to the Philippines and the fans that here. So in that sense I really, really like social media because I can communicate with my fans through it,” he said through his interpreter.

The Korean heartthrob said he was happy to see some of his fans already waiting for him when he arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 last November 15. “This is my first visit to the Philippines and it’s very cold now in Korea as opposed to the warmth here. So on my way here I felt like I was headed for a vacation and there were a lot of fans that were waiting at the airport so that made me very, very happy,” he admitted.

Min Ho said meeting his fans is always a positive experience for him. “The fact that I have millions of fans around the world gives me confidence because my job as an actor is a very unstable one, they have a very short life span but the fact that I have support from all my fans helps me concentrate on what I have to do so I feel very good about it,” he said.

During the event, Min Ho admitted that he feels proud of the success Korean singer PSY has achieved because of the “Gangnam Style” phenomenon. “It makes me very proud as a Korean because this is the first time that something so big hit worldwide and it’s Korean so this is something that helps all the Korean celebrities. The song ‘Gangnam Style’ is something I listened to quite a bit when it first came out. I’m very much into it and it makes me happy,” he shared.

Min Ho was not even shy to admit that he has danced “Gangnam Style” a couple of times already. “If I say I haven’t danced to ‘Gangnam Style’ I’d be lying (laughs). I can show you in an unofficial event. At another time! (laughs)” he said.

The Boys Over Flowers star also gave his honest opinion on why Korean dramas and K-Pop is becoming even more popular worldwide. “To be frank with you, I don’t know. I’m not sure what the reason could be. But seeing as how Korean dramas and songs are so popular worldwide, there has to be a universal factor, something that as human beings we can all relate to, like love, being romantic or between family members and I think this might be the reason why it’s so relatable,” he explained.

When asked why he accepted the offer to be an endorser for a Filipino brand, Min Ho admitted that he feels that he has a connection to clothing line Bench. “The most important things for me are my personal confidence with the brand. I also check if the brand’s image is fitting to my image as a celebrity and an actor. I think what we might have in common, the connection between us is our broad appeal and its global brand and I feel like I’m kind of like that. It sounds like Bench is playing a huge role in the international stage, in being a bridge to Korea and the Philippines so as an endorser of the brand I feel like I have to do my best in whatever I have to do because as an endorser I am also representing Korea and I am a sort of ambassador so I need to give back this honor of being a Bench endorser and doing a good job in whatever I do. The best thing about being a Bench endorser since I’m a simple guy is that I have a huge billboard with my face on it, (laughs)” he admitted.

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