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Mario Maurer on why Filipinos love him: 'Because I don't pretend to be someone else'

Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer talks about the challenges he went through while shooting 'Suddenly It's Magic' and the things he learned from his Filipino colleagues.



10/30/2012 9:12 AM
Mario Maurer on why Filipinos love him: 'Because I don't pretend to be someone else'

103012-mario_main.jpgThai heartthrob Mario Maurer not only finds Filipino women “very sexy and nice,” but he also appreciated the good working relationship that he established with all his co-stars in the movie Suddenly It’s Magic. He said that will never forget the kind of hospitality that the whole team showed him throughout his stay in the country.

“I went to Ilocos but I know there are more beautiful places [for me to see], but I really enjoyed it there. The Filipinos are very nice. On my first day here, when I talked to Direk (Rory Quintos), she told me that we’re going to be a family on the set—everyone including the actors, actresses, and the crew,” he cheerfully recalled during the grand press con of the movie held at ABS-CBN’s Dolphy Theater, Monday, October 29.

The 23-year-old further shared that he was a bit intimidated with Direk Rory at first. He had to make some adjustments since this was his first foreign film. But the whole experience increased his love for acting. “At first I thought it would be hard to work with her. She’s the first director [that worked with in a foreign film] and this is the first movie wherein I have to speak in English so it’s very hard for me. But after working with her, I found out that she's very nice and she taught me a lot.” 

Asked if he ever dreamt of being an actor, Mario admitted that acting was just a means for him to earn extra income when he was just starting out. “When I was younger I wanted to be a businessman like my dad. When I started acting, I just wanted to find some money for my mom and I wanted to buy my own skateboard at that time. I never thought I’d be an actor so I had to learn from my teachers later on.”

But even now that he’s recognized in Asian countries for the success of his previous films like Love of Siam and Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Mario remains down-to-earth and accommodating especially to his fans. He knows that with fame comes great responsibility. “The sacrifices I have to make for being famous? Sometimes when I go to the mall, instead of enjoying my personal time, I have to share it with the fans. For me it’s okay. Sometimes my friends [ask why my work is taking my time even during my free days] but now they understand that it’s part of my job.” 

True enough, Mario’s Filipino co-stars could attest to the fact that he’s very easy work with. According to Cacai Bautista, he never complains and has no diva attitude on the set even when he obviously looks tired. As for being well-loved by his Filipino colleagues and fans alike, Mario simply stated that it’s because he’s true to himself on and off cam. “Because I’m [true] to myself and I don’t pretend to be someone else.”

Catch Mario Maurer’s kilig team-up with our very own Erich Gonzales on Star Cinema’s Suddenly It’s Magic, showing in theaters on October 31.