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Coleen Garcia says she is not bothered by Gab Valenciano's past

Coleen Garcia says she is very happy with her relationship with Gab Valenciano.


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10/30/2012 9:06 AM
Coleen Garcia says she is not bothered by Gab Valenciano's past

103012-coleen_main.jpgAnyone who has seen them together on and off camera knows how very much in love Coleen Garcia and Gab Valenciano are with each other. After finally admitting that they are already exclusively dating, Coleen said she is definitely happy and content with how her life has changed ever since she and Gab started getting closer. “My life changed in so many ways. I’m not that scared anymore. I feel like I can just be myself. I can be out in the open and there’s going to be someone who is willing to accept me for who I am,” she shared.

The Showtime host also admitted that Gab’s history with his past relationships in showbiz (which included Rachelle Ann Go and Isabel Oli) has never become a problem for her. “Every time I’m asked that, I have the same answer and it’s the fact that I’ve known him for so long already and I knew him before he even liked me. I knew him when he had a girlfriend. I knew him even before that so I know who he is and okay sana kakakilala ko lang sa kanya and I’m hearing all these things, siyempre matatakot ako but I know for a fact that he’s not like that. I know him very well. I know him well enough,” she told Push.com.ph.

Coleen said that she and Gab have decided not to be too high-profile about their relationship because they don’t want it to be labeled too “showbiz.” Instead, they say that what you see is what you get from the two of them. “We are low profile when it comes to us, but at the same time we don’t hide. We post pictures. We don’t let the whole showbiz thing affect the way we are as a couple. We’re just being ourselves,” she said.

The 20-year-old actress said that it has also made things easier that both their families are happy about their relationship as well. “My parents love him so much. They treat him as if he were their own son and sobra talaga, as in they love him to death. They’re really happy for me and they’re happy for the both of us,” she revealed.

Coleen said one of the fun things that they like to do is coordinate their outfits when they attend events. “Kasi I think Gab’s sense of fashion is very unique. I really like it. I’m happy with it. We always match our outfits. That’s something about us. We always match. It’s kind of our thing (laughs),” she said.

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