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Aiza Seguerra explains her stand on the Reproductive Health Bill

Aiza Seguerra shares how she feels about critics of Senator Tito Sotto who is against the Reproductive Health Bill.

Aiza Seguerra explains her stand on the Reproductive Health Bill-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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10/03/2012 09:13 AM
Aiza Seguerra explains her stand on the Reproductive Health Bill
100312-aiza_main.jpgFrom former child star to accomplished singer and actress, Aiza Seguerra said she is enjoying the fruits of her labor right now. The performer also recently finished her grand anniversary concert at the Araneta Coliseum.

Aiza also recently shared to the media her thoughts on the much-debated issue of the Reproductive Health Bill. “I am pro choice, I am pro education. Para sa akin, yung sinsasabi nila na hindi overpopulation ang problema, hindi ako naniniwala. I believe that overpopulation is a big, big problem because we don’t have the means to help people. Aminin natin na government siguro nag-go-grow pero sa sobrang dami natin hindi kaya ng gobyerno natin eh. And at the same time for small families, they have to know responsibility. Unfortunately not everyone in the Philippines is edukado. Kumbaga we all know na ang sex hindi naman kailangan matalino ka eh, ang problema kasi is that we think it’s taboo so we don’t talk about it sa family. Where in fact dapat pinag-uusapan dapat ito sa family. Kumbaga may ibang tao makakapag-pigil pero meron ding hindi. Why not give them a choice? Kung nakakagawa ka ng abstinence, fine, good for you. But if you can’t, at least you have this. Kasi nung nag-tweet ako one time kasi I got so pissed off kasi may nakita na naman akong balita na another dead baby found in a trash can. Sabi ko, you know what, I’d rather see used condoms and contraceptives in trash cans than dead babies. Is this what they want? Kumbaga hindi lahat ng tao handa eh. Unfortunately hindi lahat ng tao responsible so ngayon. Sa RH bill kahit papano nakikita ko, magiging daan para sa mga taong iresponsable para kahit papano magawan ng paraan. Kesa magkaroon tayo ng maraming dead babies,” she said.

Before transferring networks, it was publicly known how Aiza grew up in the limelight, her career guided by Vic Sotto, Tito Sotto, and Joey De Leon. This made it understandable that she would also feel affected by the backlash Senator Tito Sotto has been receiving lately. “Sabi ko naman, I have my opinions, everybody has their own opinion. Actually I kind of got into trouble because of that. Kasi parang sa interview sa Bandila I got so pissed off kasi I was defending him daw. Sabi ko, number one, I cannot defend someone na medyo magkaiba kami ng opinion. All I said was for people na normal mamuna. Lahat tayo namumuna. Constructive criticism naman. Kasi eto na nga eh, ang init na nung subject, sa tingin niyo ba yung pag-post niyo ng memes sa internet ng ganito, ganyan will help? We have to focus on the situation. Sana lang huwag naman idamay yung mga taong hindi damay sa issue. Like yung family ni Tito Sen. Bakit? Dahil nag-re-react sila sa mga nasasabi. Of course, they’re his family, what do you expect? They’re protecting each other. Normal yun. So let’s just focus on the issue. Minsan kasi may ibang makahirit lang hihirit eh. That’s all I’m asking for, let’s focus on the issue. Huwag na mandamay ng mga ibang tao na hindi naman dapat idamay. And kung ano man yung mga opinion ng bawat isa, respect na lang. If other people can’t respect us for our own opinions, do we have to stoop low? No, be the higher person, be the bigger person,” she explained.

Aiza said that everyone has a right to air their thoughts, as long as it is constructive and not meant to just malign or be mean. “Any constructive criticism we all deserve. Kasi it’s meant for us to grow. You can’t always be correct. Ang hindi ko lang gusto yun mga personal kung tumira. Yun lang naman eh. Kasi siyempre bilang love ko siya, I get hurt also. And even if we are not on the same side, even if he is against it and I am for it big time, I get hurt kasi I love him and I look up to him. Ang bashers, they only have one main thing na gusto nilang gawin, and they’ll do everything to do it. They’ll do everything para ma-justify yung reason nila na mang-bash. So why would I waste my time and energy answering these bashers? Even I have bashers, too. Why do I have to waste my time and energy on them when I could use this energy para masabi sa tao na this is what I think?” she said.

The 29-year-old artist also showed her support if ever Vic Sotto will run for public office. “Well I've known Bossing since I was young. I know and I've seen how he is with people. I’m not just saying it because dahil si Bossing siya o ano. Ako isa ako sa masasabing natulungan niya firsthand and of course, andun ako for him. Actually may misconception na sometimes ang iniisip natin if you’re there for someone that means kahit tama o mali yung ginagawa niyan, you can still be there for someone even if magkaiba kayo ng opinion. Because I think being there for someone means respecting them in spite of everything,” she said.

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