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Iza Calzado on getting married: 'Maybe in three years' time'

Iza Calzado talks about her relationship with her non-showbiz boyfriend; says she doesn't see herself settling down anytime soon.



10/27/2012 10:20 PM
Iza Calzado on getting married: 'Maybe in three years' time'

102812-iza_main.jpgIza Calzado happily shared that her relationship with her British boyfriend Ben Wintle is going smoothly. Even though she’s busy with her teleserye Kahit Puso’y Masugatan, she makes sure that she gets to spend quality time with him. Asked if she considers it an advantage to date a non-showbiz guy, Iza explained that it’s just something that works for her. Apparently, she never had a serious relationship with someone from the business.

“It’s unfair to give a statement from me regarding showbiz relationships versus non-showbiz relationships because my serious relationships have been all non-showbiz. So wala ako pagbabasehan ng relationship na showbiz but a mere one and a half month thing before na hindi mo naman talaga mapagbabasehan kung ano ba talaga ang showbiz at non-showbiz relationship.”

She’s just thankful that Ben understands what’s required of her as an actress given her mature roles. She added that the secret to a healthy relationship is that a couple should pursue separate interests as well. “He is very supportive. He encourages me. He just wants me to do what I need to do in my life para sabay kayong maging masaya. Hindi naman pwedeng kayo lang. Kailangan namamayapag rin kayo sa mga personal niyong buhay.” 

When asked if Ben has already asked her about settling down soon, Iza maintained that marriage is far from her mind right now. She may have turned 30 years old last August but that doesn’t mean she’s in a rush to get married and start a family. “Ano ba yung settle down (laughs)? Wala... Bata pa ako e. A lot of girls who are younger than me would have wanted to settle down but kanya-kanya talaga tayo ng gusto. Hindi ko pa nakikita yung sarili ko. Maybe in three years’ [time].”

Does Ben have a chance to be her future husband? “Maybe! Sabi nga, ‘You can never can tell.’”