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Rica Peralejo says she won't trade her current life for another showbiz career

Rica Peralejo says she is still very happy and very peaceful even if showbiz has taken a backseat.



10/17/2012 8:36 AM
Rica Peralejo says she won't trade her current life for another showbiz career

101712-rica_main.jpgRica Peralejo gave up an almost lifelong showbiz career to settle down and prioritize her family life. Rica has been very vocal about the fact that she made a lot of mistakes along the way, but as she explained, what really counts is that one is able to rise from the fall and emerge as a better person.

“When I joined the industry it was more of, ‘Ay, masaya lang, masaya maging ano’…not even artista. [What I wanted was] to perform. That was what I wanted to do,” she shared at an intimate event organized by Pantene Nature Care attended by a few celebrities like Rica, Lindsay Custodio, and Bianca Gonzalez to talk about positive transformation.

From an aspiring performer, Rica evolved to become a teen star, sexy actress, dramatic actress, and then a host. “There was resistance along the way, but parang looking back they were not good decisions but they’re part of the whole process. Na parang now when I talk to other people, parang alam ko na kung ano ang ia-advise ko,” she related. “What did I learn from the experience? It makes me be more purposeful about even the mistakes that I did before.”

Rica shared that what got her through the challenges in showbiz life was having the love and support of her family and friends outside showbiz and having a steady faith. “There were really a lot of years too that were really bad for me. Talagang really bad person, horrible,” she said. “I was very unhappy, depressed, [but] you know, those things naman in the long run, in the bigger picture of things, when you change, that’s when it becomes okay.”

She may have given up her career, but Rica was confident in saying that she made the right choice. When asked how happy she is with her life, she answered, “Very, very happy. Not only happy but peaceful. It’s a much more peaceful life talaga. Not regrets talaga.”

While she has no regrets about her decision, Rica admitted that she misses showbiz, especially about letting out her creative side. “I always am expressive, I’m very craft-y. Nami-miss ko ang part na ‘yon. I also miss being able to connect to creative people as well, ‘yun siguro ang nami-miss ko.”

She added that what she doesn’t miss about it is the long working hours. “’Yung workload talaga kasi this is a business and the business is yourself so you are a store and you’re open 24/7. That doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Maybe when I was younger okay pa ‘yon kase you don’t have so much responsibilities pa, ganyan so ngayon ayoko na ‘yon,” she related. Having always been a private person, Rica explained that she enjoys keeping to herself and being able to keep most part of her life now private.

Once in a while Rica can still be seen on TV with acting projects. She added that she still gets a lot of compliments from people who tell her that they hope to see her back in showbiz full time. However, she said that her main priority right now is being a supportive wife to her husband, Joseph Bonifacio. Aside from that, Rica also writes for some online and print publications and often travels a lot with her husband to spread the word of God.