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Andi Eigenmann on doing sexy roles: 'I was afraid for people to judge me the wrong way'

Andi Eigenmann admits she had apprehensions while shooting her daring scenes in 'A Secret Affair.'



10/17/2012 8:49 AM
Andi Eigenmann on doing sexy roles: 'I was afraid for people to judge me the wrong way'

101712-andi_main.jpgAndi Eigenmann is happy with the positive feedback that she’s getting for her portrayal of the other woman in A Secret Affair. Although the role was originally intended for KC Concepcion, many who have seen the movie teasers commented that Andi makes a perfect kontrabida. As for people saying that KC couldn’t have pulled off such a daring role, the 22-year-old humbly replied, “I don’t know po. I guess we’re different people naman. If it just so happens na nagampananan ko yung role ng maayos, then maybe I was meant to do it. With KC naman, she’s just meant to do something else, something’s that’s going to be better for her personally, not just because she didn’t push through with the project. There are reasons for her benefit also,” she said during the press con of A Secret Affair last October 15.

While shooting the film, Andi didn’t deny that she had a hard time grasping her character who is out to seduce a man who's engaged to her close friend. It was a far cry from her Agua Bendita days and she was scared that the viewing public might misinterpret her reasons for doing such a daring role. “The entire time I was doing the movie I was so scared, I cried almost every day. I swear. Ask Direk (Nuel Naval), Derek (Ramsay), and Anne (Curtis). I’m also so lucky that these people have been patient with me and they understood that I haven’t done anything close to this kind of role. Ang daming times I wanted to give up. Hindi naman talaga siya madali especially for someone like me who just got back to showbiz, who have gone through quite a lot and madami ng nababato sa aking salita and judgment na ‘di naman po talaga maganda. I wanted to do really well but then I didn’t want people to think that it has something to do with me having a baby at a young age,” she told Push.com.ph.

But with all the encouragement from her co-stars and loved ones, Andi abandoned her apprehensions for her to focus on getting the job done.  “Yun ang na-realize ko while doing this film. Wala na sa akin yung masasakit na salita na naririnig ko from other people because I know what’s true. That’s not what I’m here for. I’m in this industry to act. All I want is to be a better actress. I want the people who entrusted me with the project to be proud of me as well as the viewers.”

Asked if she’s the type who’d steal a boyfriend, Andi was quick to say that she’s very much happy with her rumored boyfriend Jake Ejercito. Although she refused to put a label on their relationship, she admitted in a previous interview that he’s really special to her. “No, I won’t do that and I’m content with what I have. Hindi naman ako mangaagaw ng [boyfriend ng iba].”