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Andi Eigenmann talks about her biggest fear as a mother

Andi Eigenmann says that Baby Ellie is her biggest inspiration.

Andi Eigenmann talks about her biggest fear as a mother-Rhea Manila Santos
Rhea Manila Santos

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10/13/2012 11:45 PM
Andi Eigenmann talks about her biggest fear as a mother

101412-andi_main.jpgIt’s been three months since her Primetime Bida comeback on the series Kahit Puso’y Masugatan and Andi Eigenmann couldn’t be happier that she was given the opportunity to be part of a successful project. “I’ve heard all the good feedback about the show and I’m really, really happy about it. This is my comeback show so I’m so happy that people are still supporting me, if not the same amount then more. People have been supporting me even after everything that I’ve gone through,” she shared.


The 22-year-old actress admitted that there have been a lot of changes in her life after giving birth to Baby Ellie late last year. “Of course now there’s a little bit more sense of maturity that I’m required to have no matter what. I always have to know that I have to stand on my two feet, there’s never time for me to fall apart or feel down because there’s another life that I’m taking care of and that I’m raising. When I took on that responsibility, I was completely full-on about it. So I’m going to do my best no matter what,” she explained.


With a busier schedule, Andi said she really tries to balance her time between work and family. “When I can, I make Ellie go to the set to visit me and we play there when we can. But then there are times that I have to compromise and sacrifice the amount of sleep that I have so that when I get home, I can still play with her. Tapos my biggest fear is that she won’t remember me (laughs),” she admitted.


Andi said her daughter is her biggest source of inspiration right now. “I’m so happy to have her in my life. She’s such a happy baby. She looks like a little marshmallow I swear. She’s my happiness. Whenever I’m with her, wala she’s always laughing, she’s always smiling because she loves people I swear. I feel like she’s going to be a supermodel one day. Sana hindi lang niya makuha yung height ko para pasok (laughs)” she joked.


Andi said that everything she does now is for baby Ellie. “It’s really hard. Most of the time I know that there’s never a reason for me to get tired and no matter how much hard work I put into my career and into everything that I do, I always have a reason to smile because of Ellie. But at the same time you can’t help but get frustrated because of course I never get to spend time with her anymore. But then I know that it’s for her future,” she said.


The pretty actress said people around her have noticed that even her work ethics have changed after she became a mother. “I wouldn’t really know that myself. But according to other people, it is noticeable that whenever I do my job, whenever I’m in front of a camera, it’s more obvious now that I’m really into my job and I’m really trying to do my best and giving it my all, all the time. That’s the difference,” she said.


Andi also said she can’t wait to finish her upcoming movie with Derek Ramsay and Anne Curtis called A Secret Affair. “I’m so excited. It’s going to be my first big screen film and it’s with Derek and Anne so it’s such an honor. This project that I agreed on, I agreed on it because it’s a challenge for me. A challenge that I think would be really cool to take at this point in my life. I just hope that it would turn out well. That I’d succeed in portraying the role. It’s a bit more daring, more mature than I’m used to,” she admitted.


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