Janelle Manahan plans to sue Ramgen Revilla's siblings

The former actress' lawyers say Genelyn Magsaysay's children uploaded a private video of Janelle and Ramgen to prevent her from testifying in court.



1/4/2012 9:35 AM
Janelle Manahan plans to sue Ramgen Revilla's siblings

010412-janelle_main.jpgJanelle Manahan’s camp suspects Ramgen Revilla’s family as the people behind the uploaded private video of her and her late boyfriend on the internet. In a statement by Atty. Luke Espiritu, one of Janelle’s lawyers, Ramgen’s family has the motive as to why the video suddenly appeared on the net. “ They have access to all of Ramgen’s personal effects including laptop computers. They have the motive. Why? The effect of this sex video is precisely to harass Janelle Manahan.”

However, Ramgen’s mother, Genelyn Magsaysay denies the allegations. “Mas lalo namin itatabi yun di namin ilalabas kasi kawawa naman yung bata (Ramgen). Patay na nga yung anak ko, masisira pa.” Their family blames the authorities as the Parañaque police have Ramgen’s computer, cell phone and camera.

The police assures the public though that no one from the force would do such a thing to compromise the case. They add that it would take a tedious process to determine who uploaded the video plus cooperation from the website where the video was uploaded and the internet service provider.

Janelle is determined to file a case against Ramgen’s siblings for violating the anti-video and photo voyeurism act. The law states that it is prohibited to produce, distribute or show any private video without the permission of the people who appear in the film.

- reports from Bandila 01/03/12