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Melissa Ricks on ex-boyfriend Jake Cuenca: 'Huwag mo na ako pagtaguan'

Melissa Ricks says she finally got over Jake Cuenca; still refuses to admit the real reason behind their bad breakup.

Rachelle Siazon


01/17/2012 10:27 AM
Melissa Ricks on ex-boyfriend Jake Cuenca: 'Huwag mo na ako pagtaguan'
011712-melissa_main.jpgMelissa Ricks didn’t deny that she cried during her back-to-back birthday celebration with Jake Cuenca in ASAP’s January 8 episode. She explained that it was unfair of her fellow stars to tease them incessantly, knowing that what she went through because of her heartache was no joke.  “It’s true. Hindi ko naman po ide-deny. Honestly, because it’s my birthday. It’s okay that he greeted me because early that morning pa lang sinabi ko na [belated] happy birthday, kasi magkasunod kami ng production number sa rehearsal,” said Melissa in an interview with Push.com.ph and other reporters during the recent press con of Walang Hanggan.

Melissa felt she was put on the spot when Nikki Gil and other artists in the studio kept requesting for a kiss between her and Jake. But she didn’t blame Jake for her distressed feeling that day. “We were fine. Just don’t push it na mangaasar pa, ang daming airtime na ginamit. Pero it’s fine. I’m not mad at Jake, wala siyang kinalaman dun. I just think it was inappropriate for my birthday. They said sorry, they didn’t know that it would upset me.”

Although they still haven’t talked after what happened, Melissa maintained that there’s no reason for Jake to keep avoiding her. “Ay, hindi ko siya nakausap. Yun lang, on stage ko siya nakausap. Sa hallway kasi iniwas niya ako twice. Kasi nung nakita ko siya, nagtatago siya, hindi ko alam kung bakit, nahihiya siya, hindi ko alam. Pero that’s why I told him, ‘Huwag ka na tumakbo kapag nakikita mo ako. Huwag mo na ako pagtaguan.” She added that they don’t have to be friends again, but at least they’re civil to each other. “I think it’s better na hindi na kami maging friends. It’s better that way, mas tahimik na ganon, at least ngayon civil kami.

But Melissa has obviously moved on as she opened up about how she was able to get past being angry and bitter about her breakup with Jake. “I got over that point na. It took me a long time, several months to be okay. Kasi siyempre it was my first major heartbreak so hindi madali ang mga nangyari, yung mga na-experience ko. Hindi ko alam kung paano ko na-overcome. Seriously, hindi ko alam kung paano ako naging okay, kasi sobrang hindi ko ine-expect na may ganong mangyayari. But at least I’m okay now. Marami akong kaibigan na sumusuporta sa akin, meron akong isang show na nag-hit, meron na akong show na maghi-hit. So sobrang okay na ako.”

Asked about the real reason behind their breakup, Melissa insisted that she’d rather keep mum about it and hope that Jake has learned from his mistakes. “Hindi ko gusto manira ng tao, lahat ng tao nagkakamali, lahat ng tao minsan hindi naiisip kung anong ginagawa nila. Pero ganon po talaga ang buhay. Let’s forgive and forget. We’re both young. We have a whole life to make mistakes and learn from our mistakes. And sana he learns from our mistakes.”

When prodded if it has something to do with a third party and Jake being immature, Melissa simply replied, “2011 pa yun, huwag na natin ungkatin. Pero I think naman po kasi ang age is not a reason to do bad things.” Did he ever apologize to her for whatever he did? “Ang masasabi ko lang, you can say sorry 1,000 times and it can mean nothing. You can say sorry once and it can mean everything. So sana dumating yung point na maayos na. I can say na wala akong ginawang masama. Ang best lesson siguro dun, huwag masyadong maging mabait.

Nevertheless, Melissa shared that she has no regrets because she knows that Jake truly loved her at some point. “Siguro dapat nakinig ak