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Gary Valenciano is ready if his children want to get married

Gary Valenciano says he welcomes having a grandchild.



9/9/2011 8:35 AM
Gary Valenciano is ready if his children want to get married

090911-garyv_main.jpgAfter professing his support for son Gab Valenciano’s relationship with actress Isabel Oli, Gary Valenciano was asked if he is ready should the time come that Gab or any of his children decide to get married. Mr. Pure Energy answered, “Gab has gone beyond my age when I got married to Angeli. I was 19 then. But I remember a time when Gab told me na he wanted to get married young like me. Ayaw daw niya na 40 years na old pero ‘yung anak niya five years old pa lang.”

Gary shared that his eldest child Paolo has long been in a relationship, and should he decide to get married in a few years time, the father expressed his approval. “Paolo is 26 and if he plans to get married next year or in two years, it would be fine with me. He and his girlfriend have been together for five years now. For as long as my children are prepared and they believe their partner is really the one for them and who will complete them as a person.”

The music icon said he doesn’t care much about the qualities of the person his children’s partners. “Somebody asked me before kung ano ‘yung quality na gusto ko sa mapapang asawa ng mga anak ko. For me, the person would have to be God-fearing because all of the decisions of the person will be based on that. People said a lot about Angeli when I married her. I was the only one who stood up for her and proved everyone wrong.”

Gary added that he very much welcomes having a grandchild, for as long as he won’t be called as lolo. “Actually my eldest brother, he’s ten years older than me, his children already have children. He’s a lolo na talaga. His grandchildren call me Papi Gary. I told them not to call me lolo, ha ha ha! It would be fun to have grandchildren, but I will tell them not to call me lolo. They should call me Tito or Papi.”