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Gab Valenciano shares the three things he loves most about Isabel Oli

Gab Valenciano says he enjoys going on long walks with his new girlfriend Isabel Oli.


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9/8/2011 8:50 AM
Gab Valenciano shares the three things he loves most about Isabel Oli

090811-gab_main.jpgAfter admitting that they have officially been together for two months now, Gab Valenciano said he is very happy with his girlfriend Isabel Oli. Despite being from different networks, the ASAP Rocks mainstay said they are starting their relationship strong. “Things are good. All I can say is that I’m happy and she’s happy and I think our status as of right now, I don’t think it’s really important but I can say that I am happy. I’m not ashamed kasi a lot of people they don’t really like talking about it but with me kasi, we chose this life, we chose who we’re supposed to be with and kumbaga I want people to know that I’m happy, like beyond description,” he told Push.com.ph.

After his breakup with Rachelle Ann Go just over two years ago, the 23-year-old actor-dancer admitted he is more than ready to get into a relationship again. “I think at this point I can say, I know I’m ready. Kasi I don’t like date playing. When I date it’s not like I explore. When I like a person, that’s it. So with her, that’s it,” he said.

Gab admitted that aside from keeping a low profile as a couple, he and Isabel enjoy doing even the simplest of things when they go out. “We just like walking around in parks. These are the simple things that we like doing. We like watching movies. For me, I just love walking. We can go to Ayala Alabang and just walk and talk about things. The longest we’ve walked I think is around two hours and for me that’s more than anything. More than traveling around the world. For me that’s more than enough. Of course the traveling will come but as of now, just the mere fact that we get to hang out is more than enough for me,” he shared with Push.com.ph.

When asked what he liked most about Isabel, Gab didn’t hesitate to share what he thinks are the most admirable qualities of his new girlfriend. “There are three things I like most about her actually. One is the simplicity of how she sees things. She doesn’t complicate things. For her what she sees, that’s it. For her, color red is color red. Color blue is color blue, that’s it. Number two, she loves her family and she loves family, period. Not just her family but my family and any other friend’s family. Basta it has to do with family, she’s there. And number three, the number one thing that really struck me was her love for God. You know it’s hard to find a girl that is in love with Jesus Christ and that’s what I saw. We definitely get along on that level. Kasi I asked her one time on a Sunday what she was doing for the day, her answer was she was going to church. That was when I realized. Of course everybody goes to church but they’re all I love you God. So one time we went to church together and I just felt peace in my heart,” he explained.