Jake Cuenca on Lovi Poe: 'Every guy fantasizes about her'

Jake Cuenca feels lucky to have Lovi Poe as his date during the Star Magic Ball and admits that he's attracted to her.



9/5/2011 1:21 AM
Jake Cuenca on Lovi Poe: 'Every guy fantasizes about her'

090511-jake-main.jpgIn the recently concluded Star Magic Ball at the Manila Peninsula Hotel, Push.com.ph caught up with Jake Cuenca and Lovi Poe, who were obviously enjoying each other’s company. The two have been inseparable all night as Jake made sure that Lovi won’t feel out of place with the other Star Magic artists. 

“It’s already memorable. Just for her to be here with me, I’ll remember the ball. Kasi this does not happen all the time. Same thing with our movie (My Neighbor’s Wife) it doesn’t happen all the time. Napagkwentuhan lang namin itong Star Magic ball and it just so happened that she's free tonight so I asked her to be my date,” says a beaming Jake.
When asked if there’s a brewing romance between them, the dashing actor was quick to say that any guy would be attracted to someone as gorgeous as Lovi. And he didn’t deny that there’s a chance that he would pursue Lovi if given the chance. But as of now, he maintained that they’re just good friends. “Yeah, I think every guy fantasizes about Lovi. Ako naman, talagang nirerespeto ko yung pinagsamahan namin sa set at nirerespeto ko yung pagkakaibigan na ibinigay niya sa akin. Right now we’re just having fun, no pressure, no nothing. That’s it.”
Looking back at the first time they worked together in the film, Lovi shared that she was amazed with how she easily felt at ease with Jake on and off cam. “You know what, what’s cool about this is that I don’t feel uncomfortable at all. Especially when you work with someone, it’s actually hard to find someone that you get along with and feel no tension at all. That’s what I see in him and that’s why I’m here. Because I won’t be here if I don’t feel comfortable with him. We’re just having a lot of fun because we started as friends.”
Although Lovi’s presence somehow created a commotion given Jake’s past relationship with Melissa Ricks, the dashing actor assured the media that it’s no longer an issue at this point in time. “It’s been a while. Melissa and I have both moved on, we’re ok na. And syempre, like I always say, I really value our friendship. Even before our relationship there was friendship and that’s it. But tonight we're all here to have fun. Let’s all have fun,” he finally stated.