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Paul Soriano admits he's ready to settle down with Toni Gonzaga

'Thelma' director Paul Soriano reveals the secret to his strong and steady relationship with Toni Gonzaga.


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9/3/2011 12:16 AM
Paul Soriano admits he's ready to settle down with Toni Gonzaga

090211-paul-main.jpgAs the September 7 opening day for his film Thelma draws near, director Paul Soriano finds himself busy with promotional events for the movie as well as working on several other projects. The 29-year-old director said he is also looking forward to celebrating his birthday next month, which also has implications for his relationship with Toni Gonzaga. “I’m turning 30 in October so definitely I want to settle down in my 30s. Especially when I turn 30, anytime now already. Like I’ve said before, whenever she’s ready, I’m ready. If she said in five or six years pa, then five to six years tayo. I don’t want to rush her kasi. If I rush her baka something will happen to the relationship. I want all of us to agree and then we take it to the next level. Basta for me, when she’s ready, I’m here. I’m really proud of her that she’s busy with work. She has her concert and she has PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) coming up. Talaga, work is her priority now eh. She worked so hard to get to where she is today. I don’t want to be the one to take her away from that. I want to be the one to inspire her to be better at her work,” he shared.

The Thelma director said he and Toni have discussed the topic of settling down before but he does not see it happening in the near future since they are both still busy with their respective careers. “We do talk about it naman. We can’t help but talk about it pero it’s not really one of the main topics right now when we’re together. We talk about other things. We’ve talked about marriage. It’s there. We like to watch movies and DVDs. She likes to watch the Lifestyle Network and she likes to go online. We don’t want to bring our work to the relationship as much as possible it’s already there. Once in a while we’ll talk about it but most of the time we’re just talking about family stuff, friends, anything under the sky,” he shared.

Direk Paul said one of the secrets to their relationship is trust and not giving his girlfriend any reason to get jealous. “It’s because I’m always there for her. I give her the trust. In four years of being together, we’ve never broken that trust. I always tell her that trust is very important in a relationship. Let’s not break it. In this business, it’s tough to stay in a relationship. Especially her and the things she does. The trust factor is so strong,” he added.

Direk Paul admitted that at the start of their relationship, it did take him some time to adjust to dating a celebrity. “Of course during the first year, it took a while for me to understand show business and all that stuff. But she helped me eh. She helped me mature as a person and having a relationship in showbiz. She really helped me with that. So I really give that to her. The last two years have been pretty much smooth sailing. I see the kinds of roles and movies she does and I’m just proud of her. We’re going on our fifth year,” he said.

The young director said that their relationship has grown strong enough to weather any intrigues or gossip linking them to other people. “She works with beautiful men, with guwapo and handsome guys like John Lloyd (Cruz), Zanjoe (Marudo), and Sam (Milby). It’s normal for her to find them attractive and I will not take that away from her because I also will find girls beautiful. That’s common. But at the end of the day, we know we’re together, we know the line. We know the limitations and hanggang on-camera lang sila. Pag off-camera, she’s with me na,” he said.