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Anne Curtis says 'No Other Woman' brings her acting skill to a higher level

Anne Curtis relates that more than the daring scenes in her projects, she is more concerned about the quality of the story.



9/3/2011 6:40 PM
Anne Curtis says 'No Other Woman' brings her acting skill to a higher level

090411-anne_main.jpgAnne Curtis is excited about her latest film No Other Woman, which also stars Derek Ramsay and Cristine Reyes, because she gets to showcase her mettle as an actress. “I think this is really the last adult film from Star Cinema for this year,” explained Anne. “It’s a mature love story affair so I’m excited kasi puro mga rom-com (romantic-comedy) ang mga napapanood natin [so] for a change it’s something with depth.”

The actress also shared the project also serves as a first. “It’s the first time that I’m portraying a role that deals with domesticated life kasi laging boyfriend-girlfriend ang issue [ng past movies ko]. Ito kasi mag-asawa na [and] it’s a first for me. Ibig sabihin ready na ako for mature roles, hindi na pang-bagets. Kasi iba na naman. Bago na naman kasi laging comedy o kaya love story, ito parang it’s something far from ginagawa ko in the past.”

Anne related that when she dubbed for the movie, she was surprised when she saw her acting in this project. “Naloka talaga ako, sabi ko, ‘Oh my gosh!’ Pero ang galing kasi parang natawa ako sa sarili ko kasi I’m not used to seeing myself on the big screen na ganon so nakaka-excite din. I was so excited to get into the role and I was super involved sa script and everything and made sure everything [was] maayos.”
But she clarified that although she is ready to take on more mature roles, it does not necessarily mean that she is willing to go daring in all of the projects. Anne continued that her priority is to make sure that her projects have good stories. “I don’t think anymore the issue here is sexy, eh. Parang it’s such an old issue. It’s not that anymore, eh. It’s more of the scripts that are given now. My generation parang lahat kami we’re attacking more mature roles, which is good,” said the actress.  “I think that’s the fun part of being an actress, when they realize your worth as an actress.”

When she was asked about her love scene with Derek, Anne said that they were both uneasy at first. But it was a good thing that they had worked together before on some projects so they were able to pull off the intimate scene. “I mean it’s normal [to feel uneasy] but at the end of the day, happy ako na hindi ito ‘yung first time na naka-work ko si Derek. Kasi kung first time, ang laking ilang factor talaga,” shared Anne. “At least naka-work ko na siya before sa The Wedding [and] magkapitbahay pa kami dati so walang ilangan factor.”

She added that she and Derek have gotten closer because of the movie. “Sabi nga namin iba na ang level ng closeness namin. Iba na ang friendship natin ngayon. So it’s good that before we did the intimate scene parang we shot so much before, parang na-establish ‘yung characters namin.