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Derek Ramsay admits he feels pressured being the male lead in 'No Other Woman'

Derek Ramsay says he is proud of the Anne Curtis's and Cristine Reyes's performances.


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9/27/2011 9:22 AM
Derek Ramsay admits he feels pressured being the male lead in 'No Other Woman'

092711-derek_main.jpgAs he headlines his first movie as the lead actor in No Other Woman, Derek Ramsay admitted he feels pressured that the movie do well now that post-production work for the movie has finally wrapped up. “The pressure’s there pero every time na gumagawa ako ng project, that side of the work I throw over my shoulders muna. I’m there to give my 100%, work well with my co-artists, director and everyone on the set. Pagkatapos gawin yung pelikula, that’s when I start worrying about it.”

Derek plays the role of Ram Escaler, a hardworking husband who suddenly finds himself torn between his lover and his perfect wife. “Life is filled with temptation and sana what they can learn from this is whatever decisions that you make in whatever situation in your life, whether right or wrong, the most important thing is how you deal with the consequences of your actions. If you decide to go off and venture with another person and fall in love and you hurt somebody, make sure you have the decency to open and prepare that person that you’ve hurt. It’s how you deal with your actions that you’ve done. It makes you more of a man para tanggapin na mali ka,” he added.

While doing the movie, Derek said that he was able to really get to know his two co-stars Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes better on and off screen. “Kami ni Anne we worked together sa TV before pero it’s my first time to work with both of them on the big screen. At first I was very nervous. Sinabi ko nga kay Cristine na dati akala ko mataray siya. And then after working with her, I discovered I was completely wrong. She’s a wonderful woman and so is Anne. Ang hirap talaga ng mga eksena na ginagawa namin. Actually yung mga physical stuff yun na ata pinakamadali in the end. The physical stuff was the easy stuff eh. Every scene is may kargada. Lahat kami, kapag gagawa kami ng eksena, we all brainstorm together to come up with a better scene. The vibe from direk and the scriptwriters were that they’re so open na makinig sa mga actors nila. There was a lot of good experience working with everybody,” he recalled.

In No other Woman, Derek also had to do a lot of steamy love scenes which the Fil-Brit hunk admitted was also an experience in itself. “Kumbaga, ang sabi ko nga kay Anne Curtis, yung friendship namin, lumevel up na talaga ng todo. They’re both very, very beautiful. With Cristine, it was like making love and then with Anne, it was just mad, passionate sex. It starts off as lust, yes. And then after that dun na naging complicated. But with their performances, they’re both very, very good,” he said.

But Derek stressed that the movie is more than just about the intimate scenes. “The bed scenes and the love scenes here are very, very intense pero hindi yun yung parang highlight ng movie,” he added.

Derek also shared his thoughts on why he chose to accept a movie that tackles a controversial theme of infidelity, given that the mainstream trend nowadays seem to veer more towards romantic comedies. “One thing I have to say is your right that it’s a recurring theme, you’re right that people tend to watch comedy nowadays. Ang daming problema ng bansa natin so it’s also nice to laugh it off. But it’s also nice sometimes where you can get to watch a film where you learn a lot of things and things that you can relate to. Lalabas yan. Pero kaya ko tinanggap itong project na ito is because you can grab a lot of lessons from the actual movie,” he admitted.

Catch Derek Ramsay in No Other Woman as it opens in over 100 theaters nationwide on September 28, 2011.