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Paul Soriano says winning awards as film director is not a priority

Paul Soriano wants to make a difference by making films that can influence people in a positive way.



9/23/2011 8:53 AM
Paul Soriano says winning awards as film director is not a priority

092311-paul_main.jpgDirector Paul Soriano revealed that he really prefers to make movies that convey moral values. So far, he has made two inspirational movies, the indie movie A Journey Home (2009) and the recent film Thelma that starred Maja Salvador. “I’m very picky with my projects; not just in films [but also] television commercials, music videos. I have to be passionate about it, I have to fall in love with my project so that it can come out and it could be the best project that I can make,” explained Toni Gonzaga’s boyfriend.

Paul is the son of director Jeric Soriano and the grandson of ‘50s matinee idol Nestor de Villa. Since the two generations before him have succeeded in making exemplary careers, Paul is familiar with how to continue this tradition. “When I make a film, especially the effort and time that goes into a film, you have to fall in love with the project. I fell in love with Thelma. I was so passionate about it.”

The promising director revealed that he is already working on his scripts and he hopes to work on his third movie next year. “I have some stories, couple of stories that are being developed. I like to write my own materials also. I’m actually currently developing stories.”

However, Paul clarified that he is not working hard to make quality movies just to win awards. “Of course awards are always nice. I won’t lie about. Awards are always good [because] it means you’re doing something right,” he pointed out. “It means that there are people out there who think your work is great.”

Nevertheless, he explained that earning recognition for his work is not his priority and motivation. “I want to share my imagination to people,” he related. “I want to share a little bit of something to people whom I don’t know. Share stories with people you’ve never met. There’s something magical about cinema.”

With the good reviews that he has received with his first two films, Direk Paul is flattered that he is making a good reputation in film. “I’ve been blessed to do inspirational films, full of heart. Right now, I really feel that we all need a little inspiration, a little positiveness in our life.”