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Paul Soriano opens up about his relationship with Toni Gonzaga

Paul Soriano says that he and Toni Gonzaga are open to sharing some details of their relationship.



9/16/2011 8:47 AM
Paul Soriano opens up about his relationship with Toni Gonzaga

091611-direkpaul_main.jpgDirector Paul Soriano has been very visible on television because of his recent film Thelma that starred Maja Salvador. Although his girlfriend Toni Gonzaga described him as a private person, the director-model explained that he does not mind stepping into the spotlight every now and then. “It’s part of the business. When you have to promote a film just like any director, Hollywood or local, the director has to get the word out. I’m also a producer, I’m also a writer [so] if it means me coming out of [behind] the camera to promote the film [or] do interviews, fine. That’s part of the business. Fine, but when this is all done, I will go back being behind the camera where I’m comfortable. I’m enjoying it naman.”

It was inevitable that Direk Paul was asked by the reporters about his relationship with Toni. Push.com.ph talked to the director and asked him if he does not feel annoyed that he often takes the hot seat. “I will talk about our relationship, I will answer questions as politely as possible, but of course I’d rather draw the line naman,” he explained. “We have to leave something for ourselves. Toni, most of her life, [has] always [been] in front of the camera. Everyday she’s in front of the camera.” He also said that probably one of the reasons that their relationship works is because there is a balance; Toni is public while he is private.

“But of course our relationship, she’s public property, she owes it to her fans and to the people, we will share our lives with them. Another thing, our relationship can be an inspiration to people, [to] be inspired, be motivated, but of course, we’ll draw the line. We have to save some for ourselves. We’ve got to have private time for ourselves.”

Direk Paul also shared that he wouldn’t waste four years of being with Toni if he does not see it heading towards something long term. “So it’s in my plan [but] it’s not really one of the priorities right now. But of course we’ve talked about it. We can’t avoid it, especially that fact that everyone keeps asking about it. It’s in the plan but I told Toni, ‘Take your time. I’m not pressuring you, forcing you to do anything. If you want to focus on your work go for it. I know you worked so hard to be where you are today.’ I know when it’s time, we’ll feel it, eh. It’s unexplainable.”

Direk Paul added that it is an advantage that he and Toni are on the same page when it comes to their relationship and priorities. “Despite all of the distractions, issues and intriga, we’re running the same race and we’re together in this and that’s what makes us strong. We’re a team, we’ll face it together. When she’s down, I pick her up. When I’m down, she picks me up, parang ganyan, eh, that’s a relationship.