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Derek Ramsay says doing dramatic scenes is harder than the love scenes

Derek Ramsay admits that doing intense scenes was more challenging than love scenes.



9/17/2011 1:28 AM
Derek Ramsay says doing dramatic scenes is harder than the love scenes

091611-derek-main-1.jpgSince the scenes in No Other Woman are highly intense and dramatic, Derek Ramsay admitted that he had to give more in terms of acting. When Push.com.ph asked if he feels that he is a better actor considering the extra effort he had to give with acting, he replied humbly, “I try to [be a better actor] with every project that I do, whether big or small, I try to learn something. When you learn new things, you get to try new different things. I’ve always said that I’m a sponge so I’m learning more and more with everybody I work with. So I guess, yeah each project that I do may bago akong atake, you see something different,” he explained.

In his latest movie, Derek plays a married man, who seems to be content with his lovely wife (played by Cristine Reyes) until a beautiful and liberated woman (Anne Curtis) comes into the picture and they have an affair. “It’s a totally different Derek, totally different Anne and totally different Cristine, so you’re going to cry,” he said with confidence.

But aside from a good story and steamy scenes, the sexy actor also stated that the movie also has some valuable lessons to share. “It’s a more mature relationship from other movies that I’ve done. It’s about the decisions you make in life and the obstacles and temptations you come across..”

Derek, however, did not deny that doing the love scenes with the actresses was difficult but it was more difficult to do the dramatic scenes.  “The hardest siguro was the confrontations. That was really heavy, it’s really, really heavy,” he stressed. “Kahit master shot lang or reverse [na] batok ko lang ang nakikita, umiiyak pa rin ko. Nakakaiyak ‘yung script and ‘yung mga situations that our characters go through.”

Derek added that he also got really close to his two leading ladies and discovered the things he have in common with them. “We have similar personalities, game sila for anything. We all love to eat so every time we’re on the set there’s always a lot of food,” he beamed. “We’re always talking about food because there was a time na ‘di kami kumakain. There’s never a dull moment and nandun pa si Direk Ruel (Bayani). Si Direk parang ako, may ADHD, walang tigil ang chika-chika on the set all the time.”