Gab Valenciano wants to make it right with Isabel Oli

Gab Valenciano says he doesn't mind people blaming him for the end of his past relationships.



9/15/2011 8:38 AM
Gab Valenciano wants to make it right with Isabel Oli

091511-gab_main.jpgGab Valenciano doesn’t mind if steady date Isabel Oli is paired with other actors as part of her work. “I’m excited kasi the way I do things right now, it’s 100% different from what I used to do with my past relationships. Dati kasi seloso ako. Pero she’s an actress so I have to live with the fact na magkaka-love team siya. That’s fine with me.”

The son of Gary Valenciano explained why he has a conscious effort to make his relationship with Isabel work out. “I guess it’s a combination of everything I’ve been through in my life, both the bad and the good. I can sincerely say, showbiz aside, this time I’m planning to learn. Usually kasi you learn na lang after the relationship. But this time I want learn in the relationship.”

Gab had past relationships with singers Nikki Gil and Rachelle Ann Go and most write-ups pointed to him to be the one at fault with the breakups. The dancer however doesn’t mind being perceived as such. “I guess when it comes to celebrity relationships that ends it’s always the girl who gets asked why. With my past breakups, I’d rather take the fall than the girl. I’d rather be the one hated by people than the girl. I won’t deny na naman may mga pagkakamali ako.”

He also confessed that there would be instances when he would look back on those relationships and feel that he could’ve done a better job as a boyfriend. “Not guilt but more of regret. Now that I have this wisdom about relationships, I feel that I could’ve done a better job. Pero I don’t want to dwell on it. Ang focus ko is kung ano man ‘yung mali dati hindi na mangyayari ngayon.”

Gab wasn’t shy to admit that he would still often ask his parents for relationship advice, and he said he sees himself doing so even if he’s already married. Gary shared one important piece od advice he gave to his son. “Ang lagi kong sinasabi sa mga anak ko regarding finding a girlfriend or a boyfriend, be careful kasi because if ever the relationship ends you will not only lose a partner but also a friend. You should look first for a friend, then allow the relationship to grow. If it turns romantic then good. If not, at least you found a friend,” said Gary.