Shamcey Supsup says joining showbiz is not a priority

The Miss Universe third runner-up says she wants to go back to becoming an architect after her Bb. Pilipinas duties.



9/14/2011 3:40 PM
Shamcey Supsup says joining showbiz is not a priority

091411-shamcey_main.jpgFresh from the Miss Universe 2011 held at Sau Paulo in Brazil, our very own Shamcey Supsup is already on her way back to Los Angeles with her mother to get some much needed rest. Shamcey said it is likely that she will return to the Philippines on September 16, where a hero’s welcome is waiting for her.

Shamcey, a 25-year-old architect and a native of General Santos City, wowed fans all over the world in her performance in the prestigious international beauty pageant. She bested 89 other ladies from across the globe and became the third runner-up, with Miss Angola, Leila Lopes, winning the Miss Universe 2011 crown.

But to many Filipinos, Shamcey should’ve been the winner of the pageant because of her impressive answer in the final question and answer portion. To judge Viveca Fox’s question about love over religion, the Pinay representative said she will not change her beliefs for the sake of the man she loves. Shamcey later revealed that her answer was based on her real-life experience because her boyfriend became a Born-again Christian because of her. “My mom is really strict,” said Shamcey. “She always tells me na, dapat yung magiging boyfriend or asawa ko should be a Christian first, and that our relationship will be centered with God.”

She added that she is happy with being third runner-up and asked her supporters to also be happy for her. “In a competition there’s [always] a winner. Someone will lose, someone will win. You should just accept things for what they are. I think that’s what makes a winner, not just the crown but being able to accept na hindi ikaw 'yung nanalo.”

Shamcey just took pride in the compliments she received from fellow candidates right after the pageant. She shared, “Lahat sila sobrang happy for me. They come to me because they never see me as a competitor. It was a good thing because they love me. They were very happy for me. They were telling me ‘You have the best answer. We love your answer.”

Among the five beauties who reached the final question and answer portion, Shamcey was the only one who didn’t ask for the help of an interpreter and answered in straight English. Many are questioning the weight of this in the pageant. Bianca Manalo, Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2009, believes getting an interpreter could be a strategy of some candidates. “Marunong namang mag English halos lahat, so bakit kailangan ng interpreter? Parang buying time lang. Baka 'yung mga interpreters minsan, napapaganda pa 'yung sinabi, nakakaisip pa sila ng mga flowery words.”

First Pinay Miss Universe, Gloria Diaz, explained that winning in the said pageant is 99% luck. “Everybody has things to say but like I’ve always said, first of all you will not be there if you’re not beautiful, if you’re not smart, if you’re not tall or pretty. But I’ve told this over and over. It’s 99% luck. Everybody has an opinion why she did not win, whether the answer was good enough or not good enough. To some people it was smart, to some people it was kulang. But really it’s just luck at the end of the day.”

Many beauty queens who came before Shamcey have joined showbiz following their respective reigns, like last year’s Miss Universe fourth runner-up Venus Raj who is now one of the hosts of Umagang Kay Ganda. But for Shamcey, getting into showbiz is not part of her priorities. “Right now I’m not sure kung saan ako dadalahin ng mga bagay-bagay but I’m sure I’m going to be in architecture talaga. I don’t know when pero wala namang time limit ang pagiging architect.”

(with reports from ABS-CBN News)