Xian Lim admits it's not hard to fall in love with Kim Chiu

Xian Lim says he is not looking for a love life right now.


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9/13/2011 9:58 AM
Xian Lim admits it's not hard to fall in love with Kim Chiu

091311-xian_main.jpgAs part of the primetime series My Binondo Girl, Xian Lim plays the role of Andy Wu, the equally charming brother of Trevor Lu, played by Matteo Guidicelli. Both siblings are both equally intrigued and attracted to Yuan Sy who is actually Kim Chiu pretending to be her deceased brother. “It’s a different role. It’s the same role na responsible guy but there’s a certain something to it. Siyempre the pressure is on because it’s my biggest break,” he said.

The 22-year-old model turned actor admitted that working with the cast of My Binondo Girl has been nothing but enjoyable so far. Xian even singled out Kim as one of the sweetest girls he has ever met. “I love working with them, lalo na si Kim she’s really sweet. She’s a really sweet girl like I’ve never seen anyone sweeter than her. When I see a sweet girl, I’m reminded of Kim. She’s the definition of sweet. Her strongest quality is that she’s a really sweet girl. Hindi ko makita yung side niya na yung napipikon. Hindi ko pa nakikita yung side na ganun. She’s always smiling. Parang very magaan kasama. I guess that’s yun lang yung secret doon eh. If magaan kasama yung tao na your with, then it’s nice to be around them,” he told Push.com.ph.

Xian admitted that it’s not hard to fall in love with someone like Kim, although it’s too soon to tell if he actually will. “Yeah, why not ‘di ba? If I see someone that I can get along with super well then no questions asked ‘di ba?” he said. Although even Kim has admitted to the press that she and Xian get along well even off-cam, Xian said he’s not looking to get into a relationship anytime soon. “Wala I just want to focus on My Binondo Girl sobra. I just want to focus on work. Focus na focus. I mean I’m not saying na hindi ko gagawin. Pag may na-develop, na-develop ‘di ba? I don’t have a love life. Promise yun. They won’t see me anywhere with a girl and if they do, that’s not a date. For now wala pa talaga. I’m still looking, searching. But I’m not supposed to be searching. It’s not a priority. Work is my priority for now. I don’t want to be eating up my words but work is my priority for now,” he explained.

Xian said he sometimes goes out with Kim and Matteo on group dates. “Yeah I hang out with them kasama sila Maja (Salvador). We go play bowling, stuff like that. The small stuff, mga simple lang but I haven’t been out with them lately,” he admitted to Push.com.ph.

Xian, who had lived in the US before coming back to the country a few years ago, admitted that pursuing a basketball career was his first priority, not showbiz. During the last Star Magic Games, Xian showed off his skills on the court as he played for the Star Magic team led by Gerald Anderson. “I always play with them. I always play with Gerald. That’s the reason why I came to the Philippines, to play basketball. Na-move lang yung plans dahil sa showbiz. I started playing late, around when I was 17 years old na,” he said.

When not at work, Xian admits he will most likely be just at home. “I’m a stay at home type of person. I don’t go out. I stay home, watch TV, play the piano. I like watching cooking shows, the Discovery Channel, and Cartoon Network,” he said.

For his next project, Xian said he is interested into getting into horror. “I want to try doing maybe a horror movie. I’ve always wanted to do horror. I love scary movies. I really liked Shutter na Thai version. Sobrang favorite ko yun,” he admitted.