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  • Sharon Cuneta admits that hosting 'Biggest Loser' helped motivate her to lose weight

Sharon Cuneta admits that hosting 'Biggest Loser' helped motivate her to lose weight

Sharon Cuneta shares how she has lost 20-plus pounds already.


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8/27/2011 7:30 PM
Sharon Cuneta admits that hosting 'Biggest Loser' helped motivate her to lose weight

082811-sharon_main.jpgDuring the story conference for her upcoming movie, a visibly slimmer Sharon Cuneta greeted the press at the Star Cinema office. The Megastar shared that she has so far been able to lose 20 pounds with a regimen of treatments and selective eating. “My treatments certainly have helped me in Marie France. Sadly, I’m not the type to really get up and go to the gym. But I enjoy the treatments because they firm me up and they speed up my metabolism but you really have to partner the treatments with a certain diet also. I cut out as much carbohydrates as I could. Wala akong set na diet, it’s really a mixture. I have a cousin who’s kind of a health buff so she advises me tapos hinahalo ko sa ibang diet na nagawa ko na. Aba nag-work naman (laughs). I’ve lost more than 20 pounds na and I’m not finished yet. I’m aiming for another 20. I’m fine na but another 20 I think. I just cut down lang talaga sa carbo and sa sweets, yung mga usual na mga culprit ng pagpapataba,” she said.

Sharon said that even if she’s on a diet, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t get to indulge anymore in her favorite foods. The veteran actress admitted she did have difficult moments sticking to her diet. “I just did my diet na medyo hindi naman extreme na so bad for me. Pero siguro for me, it’s the loneliest that I have been in a long time (laughs). Food is one of the great pleasures of life and I have a sweet tooth. I cannot live without the cheat days. So kunyari, the type of Greek yoghurt that I like eating, if I have that to eat the whole day kasi I’m craving for that, then that’s what I’ll eat the whole day, yung ganun ba. So I won’t feel like I’m depriving myself, but at the same time I’m really not pigging out at every opportunity,” she explained.

Sharon admitted that being the host of The Biggest Loser: Pinoy Edition also helped motivate her to start losing weight. “The contestants on the show really struck a chord in me na it hit home. So the show became a godsend. I had no idea it was going to have that effect on me. And it really hit home, so sabi ko if I don’t do it now, nakakahiya naman. I have a commitment to Marie France and look at all these people, they’ve inspired me. Like I’ve said on the show and I meant it from the heart, they’ve renewed my faith in myself. So it made me want to be a better person inside and siyempre out kasi its also m duty to my fans eh and to my job to look presentable,” she shared.

Having had to deal with issues about her weight gain ever since she gave birth to daughters Frankie and Miel, Sharon admitted she can empathize with all the contestants on her show. “Yes of course we shared stories. I think it helped na I knew exactly what each of them was going through. I think if you put a sexy host in there, who never had to diet in her life, who’s never had to struggle with her weight, I think it would’ve been a totally different ballgame. But since I know exactly what they’re going through and I know how it is to be parang halos derided in public or judged for your appearance, nakakalimutan lahat ng qualities mo or lahat ng abilities mo as a human being when you’re fat. So that was so meaningful to me, to be able to inspire them. And in the process, they ended up inspiring me. That was such a big deal. I’ve cried a few times over that sa pasasalamat,” she admitted.

After being in the entertainment industry for over three decades, Sharon admitted she has already gotten used to always being under public scrutiny and she is happy to be shedding the pounds right now. “Of course sanay na ako. It’s exciting though that people they can’t believe it when they initially see me. Yu