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Martin Nievera says that the guy who wins Sarah Geronimo's heart is lucky

Martin Nievera hopes that Sarah Geronimo will meet a guy who deserves her love.



7/19/2011 8:33 AM
Martin Nievera says that the guy who wins Sarah Geronimo's heart is lucky

071911-martin_main.jpgAfter working with Sarah Geronimo for the concert What Love Is, Martin Nievera shared that she’s someone who’s worth getting to know off cam. In fact, he would have considered her as a potential girlfriend if only they were the same age. “I say this with humility and without malice. Kung mas younger ako, I will really court Sarah Geronimo because she's such a great person. Forget na maganda at napaka-talented niyang babae. I see in her what most boys don’t see, maybe because I’m a man. She's very much a pretty girl. But besides that I see a soul that wants to have fun, that wants to make kwento and make chismis just like everyone else.”

Martin added that he couldn’t believe that the few guys who have been romantically linked to her haven’t taken their time to really see how special she is. “Si Sarah napakagaling na kumanta, sobrang professional, dedicated, God-fearing and family oriented. Boys don’t see that but men do. If I were [still] a boy, I wouldn’t probably see it. But because I’ve grown up into a man, I see that this is a girl I would love even just to have a friendship with.”

But at the same time, he acknowledged the fact that her showbiz career limits her chances to explore other aspects of her life. “She’s so focused in improving her craft. Biro mo nag-aral pa ulit siya ng sayaw at pagkanta habang nasa States siya. Alam mo yung, kaya niya mag-skydive pero bawal, may schedule bukas, masama sa boses niya. Madami siyang gustong gawin pero hindi kaya dahil sa trabaho niya. And as a friend, I wish I could give her something she doesn’t have or make her experience something she has not yet experienced.”

When asked if there’s any guy from showbiz who’d be a perfect boyfriend for Sarah, Martin was quick to say that it would be Piolo Pascual since they’re both such pure-hearted persons. But when he further thought about it, the Concert King said that she’s better of with a non-showbiz boyfriend in the future. “If I get to play cupid, I would choose for her someone without an ego, someone who wouldn’t care about her fame, someone who would honor all her dreams and just want to be part of it, as opposed to someone from showbiz kasi kahit papaano may konting competition. Kung mas sikat si Sarah sa boyfriend niya, mahihirapan yung guy to measure up with her success. Kung mas sikat naman ang boyfriend niya, mahihirapan si Sarah dahil sa mga kissing scenes with leading ladies. So I would choose for her the same guy I’d choose for my wife—a guy who has already been there, done that. May sariling pera, magandang career, at ease sa buhay niya.