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Diego Loyzaga: 'I've never forced my dad to buy me a car and a condo'

'Growing Up' star Diego Loyzaga refutes recent reports that he's not on good terms with his dad Cesar Montano.



7/2/2011 1:08 AM
Diego Loyzaga: 'I've never forced my dad to buy me a car and a condo'

070211-diego-main.jpgRumor has it that Diego Loyzaga is harboring ill feelings towards his dad Cesar Montano since the latter refused to purchase a new car just for him. But the Growing Up star refuted such reports, insisting that he’s on good terms with his father. “My dad and I are on good terms, pero pinapalabas ng ibang tao that we aren’t. They say na I’m asking for a car from him. Yes, he said that he’ll give me a car for my birthday and I am waiting for it. But I never asked for one,” said Diego who turned 16 years old last May 21.

When asked if Cesar really promised to buy him a car, Diego said that they’ve talked about it a few times. But he also clarified that it’s not as if he’s forcing his father to do so. “Mahabang usapan po ito. Una sabi niya sa akin, ‘Kapag tumaas ang grades mo magugulat ka na lang may kotse ka na dito.’ Tumaas ang grades ko, 91 pa nga ang average ko. Pero okay lang. I just don’t like people saying that I forced my dad to buy me a car. Just because I asked him one time na, ‘Dad, tuloy pa ba yung sinabi mo sa akin?’ That’s all I asked, and now everyone’s saying I’m demanding a car and a condo from him. That’s weird.”

The young actor reportedly left the Montanos’ residence because Cesar also refused to let him live on his own. But Diego insisted that no such argument occurred between him and his dad. “I never asked for a condo as well. They said that I asked for a place to live in, which is not true. I live with my tita (Bing Loyzaga, sister of his mother Teresa Loyzaga who’s currently based in Australia). I don’t live with my dad anymore. May nagsasabi pa na the reason why I left the house because of girls. Anong connection dun?

But now that he has joined show business, Diego said that he’s starting to save enough money to get his own ride, which he could also use for work. “I want one for myself, but when I have enough money na po. I am still saving for it. Masyado naman maaga para makabili ako ng kotse. At this point wala po ako hinahawakan na pera ko, nasa bank lang. I wish I get to hold my money, pero wala talaga. My mom and my tita are the ones in charge of it.”

If there’s any advice that his parents give him now that he’s making a name for himself in the biz, what is it? “They just remind me to keep my feet on the ground. My mom trusts me. She knows me well. She knows that I won’t do anything crazy. Now and again when there's a problem, whenever there's an issue, my mom just tells me to take it easy.”

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