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Bea Alonzo says Zanjoe Marudo makes her feel beautiful everyday

Bea Alonzo enjoys having special friend Zanjoe Marudo as her constant companion.



6/29/2011 9:04 AM
Bea Alonzo says Zanjoe Marudo makes her feel beautiful everyday

062911-bea_main.jpgDespite her very busy schedule, from finishing a movie with Vic Sotto then straight to taping the teleserye Guns and Roses with Robin Padilla, Bea Alonzo still makes it a priority to live her life outside of showbiz. In her interview with Maven magazine where she appears on the cover, the actress shared that her zest for new experiences started while she was in the US for the Star Magic Tour last summer.

Ang dami kong nagawa, like jogging in Central Park. So parang nabuksan ‘yung mata ko na ang dami ko pang pwedeng gawin. I’m young yet I’m not doing anything other than acting. Dati kapag free time ko, lagi lang akong shopping, spa, salon.”

Good thing that right now, spending much of her free time with “special friend” actor Zanjoe Marudo enables her to explore new activities. Bea related, “I’m at this stage where I want to be good at something else. I want to discover something about myself. I always hang out with Zanjoe, and I’m envious because he has so many activities, tapos ako walang ma-share. I need to do something else.”

The 25-year-old star talked about her current fascination for boxing and firing guns, plus playing golf which was influenced by Zanjoe. “Right now, boxing, and I’m learning how to play golf, fire a gun, and belly dance. Si Zanjoe kasi sobrang fascinated with golf. I used to not understand golf, but I found it interesting, so I said, I’ll give it a try. I’m also learning how to fire guns. I do target shooting in preparation for Guns and Roses. Not that I’m required to, gusto ko lang. You know, when I hit the bullseye twice, they said they didn’t expect that I could do that. Kasi nga ako, takot ako sa baril. I need to overcome that fear since I’ll be doing a lot of scenes with guns.”

Bea started going out with Zanjoe late last year. The actress described the tall-moreno actor as her best friend who seems to be like the male version of herself. “He became my best friend. We’re the same age, the same wavelength. It’s like he’s the male version of me, seriously. We pass the same judgments, we think the same way; like we see this person and we say the same thing, or find the same things funny. We don’t even have to speak.” However, Bea clarified that they are yet an official couple as they prefer to just enjoy each other’s company at the moment rather than rush into a commitment.

When asked if she is in love at the moment, Bea only told Maven, “Maybe…almost.” She wasn’t shy though to admit that behind the blooming aura that she exudes is Zanjoe who she considers as part of her support system.