Gab Valenciano admits that he is pursuing Isabel Oli

Gab Valenciano says that he is not bothered about rumors linking Isabel Oli to James Yap.



6/25/2011 12:03 AM
Gab Valenciano admits that he is pursuing Isabel Oli

062511-gab-main.jpgGab Valenciano revealed that actress Isabel Oli is the source of his inspiration these days. Gary Valenciano’s son revealed that he and Isabel are now in the getting-to-know-each-other stage and that they have gone out a number of times. “She brings out the best in me and I guess that’s the best foundation… as friends. You bring out the best in each other.” He shared that they met each other through common friends and have been in constant communication for three months already.

Gab also said that he is aware about the rumors that Isabel is allegedly dating James Yap. He continued that he talked to Isabel about this because he does not want to rely on hearsay. “As of now, what I know is they are just friends. They are there for each other and [are] really good friends naman. And I guess some people saw it in a different way and James alam mo naman, [because of his] wedding situation [with ex-wife Kris Aquino].”

He added that he wasn’t alarmed when he learned about the issue because being in showbiz he knows that celebrities are prone to controversies. He even cited as example the time when he was romantically linked to his good friend Carmen Soo.  

Since it has been two or three years since he last dated, Gab said that he feels like he’s starting anew now that he is pursuing Isabel but is just happy to be inspired. “For what it’s worth she is an awesome person,” he described Isabel.