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Sam Concepcion shares how it feels to be the front act for Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus

'Good Vibes' star Sam Concepcion says he will never let his growing popularity inflate his ego.


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6/23/2011 8:26 AM
Sam Concepcion shares how it feels to be the front act for Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus

062311-sam_main.jpgSam Concepcion feels honored to be part of the Kapamilya network's pool of talents. During the shoot for Star Magic's anniversary music video "Ikaw Ang Magic ng Buhay Ko," the 18 year-old admitted he is currently enjoying the best of both worlds, having dabbled in acting, singing and hosting these past few years. "It’s been such a great feeling, being part of such a big family. Parang I meet more people who have the same interests as me, who go through the same things and it’s really inspiring to see people who have the same passion and love for what we do, for acting or singing or whatever field it may be in the industry," he told Push.com.ph

In the first half of 2010, Sam has already performed as the front act in concerts for international singing sensations Taylor Swift and more recently, Miley Cyrus. The Good Vibes actor admitted it was a dream come true to be able to perform on the same stage as the popular American singers and that he did not let himself be pressured by the expectations of the crowd. "When I first found out about it I was floored. I was so excited to be part of Taylor Swift’s show. But the second time, being part of Miley’s show, being the front act for her, again, takes it to a whole different level. People are going to be thinking, ‘What else can you offer now?’ Or ‘What’s new that you can give onstage?’ It just takes a little bit more thinking, a little more preparation. A little bit more making it more special than the last time," he shared.

Sam also admitted that he admires Miley Cyrus for how she has handled her career over the years. "What I love about her as an artist is that I can relate to her in a certain way that she started at a really young age in music and in television, which is how I started as well. What I really respect about her as an artist is that she has transitioned into the kind of artist that she is now, being more mature and doing more mature and deeper music. Because it’s not easy starting off as a teenybopper kind of artist and then transition into becoming a more mature artist. That’s not very easy to do so myself din, as the years go by, my music changes, I grow deeper as an actor as well and all that so it’s that constant learning process that I see in her as an artist that inspires me, how she has grown into an artist of her own," he explained to Push.com.ph.

Despite his growing popularity, Sam said he will always remain grounded with regards to fame and show business. He credits his family for raising him to be humble and God-centered. "My family is the number one reason why, they keep my feet on the ground. It’s the way I have been raised na rin siguro because I was taught to see that none of this, none of what I will achieve is by my own might. It’s not because I’m good, but because God gives the blessings to those who are faithful so ayun. Especially this year, I’m doing a whole lot of different things so it’s going to be exciting," he said.

With his hands full preparing to star in the theatrical production of Peter Pan in September, weekly tapings for Good Vibes, and a movie in the works, Sam said he is thankful for all the blessings coming his way. "It’s crazy especially this year because I don’t always get to do all the things, like first I have to focus on making an album first, be my singer self for a time then be like my actor self and do a TV series or be my theater self. But this year, things just fell into place at the right time and it didn’t clash or anything so this second half of the year, you can expect that. Expect me in the music scene, in the big screen, on TV and on the stage," he said.