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Angelica Panganiban surprises Derek Ramsay during his tournament in Shanghai

Derek Ramsay gets a surprise visit from girlfriend Angelica Panganiban in China.


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6/18/2011 12:48 AM
Angelica Panganiban surprises Derek Ramsay during his tournament in Shanghai

061811-angel-main.jpgLast weekend, Derek Ramsay, along with the rest of the country’s top Ultimate players, went to China to compete in the Shanghai Open 2011, a competitive tournament that brings together some of the most competitive teams around Southeast Asia. Derek was part of Team Pilipinas, one of the three teams from the Philippines that participated in the event. The Biggest Loser Philippines host shared his excitement with his more than 20,000 followers on Twitter by posting “Getting ready to go to airport to go to Shanghai with Team Philippines Ultimate team. Tara!” on June 9 before his flight to Shanghai.

To get to the finals, Team Pilipinas had to win games against tough teams from Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore as well as other local teams like the Boracay Dragons. Team Pilipinas then went on to face the Boracay Dragons in the semi-finals game for Pool A during the second day. The championship game was a tough one, with Team Pilipinas bowing to Beijing after a 15-10 lead.

Despite not clinching the title this year, Derek says he enjoyed the experience, considering his team had a lot of talented new additions from Dumaguete in the roster this year. “It felt great to be in the finals again representing our countries colors! The team played well and with a lot of heart. We just lacked experience,” he shared with Push.com.ph.

The Biggest Loser Philippines host also posted on his new Twitter account when he arrived in the country last June 14 that his body was aching, but he was happy about the trip, especially when girlfriend Angelica Panganiban surprised him by showing up at the fields on June 11. She tweeted on her official account “I’m in Shanghai. Supporting my baby. :)” “Naloka sya at nakita nya ko sa field kanina. Hahaha,” Angelica said.

The Banana Split actress also asked for support from her fans before Derek’s finals game by tweeting, “It’s Beijing against Philippines for the finals!!!! Let’s keep praying guys!!!” Derek also showed his appreciation to his girlfriend by sending a shout out on Twitter when he returned to the country. “Thanks so much to @IamAngelicaP for suprising me in Shanghai!” he posted on June 14. When asked how he feels to have such a supportive girlfriend, Derek says with a smile, “I’m very lucky.”

After winning other prestigious tournaments in Korea and Singapore last year, Derek shares with Push.com.ph that he and Team Pilipinas also plan to compete in tournaments in Hong Kong and Singapore again this year.