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Lea Salonga says she's willing to be an official RH Bill advocate

Lea Salonga says she would agree to be one of the ambassadors of Malacañang in relation to its stance on birth control and family planning.



5/3/2011 8:53 AM
Lea Salonga says she's willing to be an official RH Bill advocate

050311-lea_main.jpgLea Salonga has been very firm on her stance to support the Reproductive Health Bill which the House of Representatives and the Senate have been lobbying for over a decade now. She even reiterated in some of her Twitter posts that this policy would grant Filipino citizens the right to choose which are the best options as far as family planning and birth control are concerned. “My stand is that I am for it. I’ve been consistently supporting it. I can understand the arguments for and the arguments against RH Bill. There are many valid arguments on both sides and I can understand where everybody's coming from as far as what their belief system is. Basically, you have to go with what your conscience tells you and you would have to know what is right for you. Without trampling upon somebody else's belief,” she said during an Avon press con last April 28.

The international star was quick to clarify though that it is the government’s duty to provide the service and to educate the people well about the methods and information on birth control, sexual health, and maternal care to better understand the whole issue. “Because what’s the use of all these contraceptives if you don’t know how to use them? This kind of info needs to be transmitted to couples who are about to get married [and] couples that are married and want to control the number of children they want to have and to make them aware of the choices that are available to them. I mean, they could choose natural family planning if that’s what they feel they should have. They could choose condoms or birth control pills as long as these options are available and make known that it’s available, then they can make an educated decision.”

Lea further stressed that it’s not as if she intends to promote birth control to minors, who definitely have no business being exposed to contraceptives at a young age. “Couples or every citizen of age needs to be informed about this stuff. Both good and bad effects need to be given to married couples who want to control their family size but may not have the info. You can’t just say gusto ko yung pill. You have to know how it will affect your body; you have to know what the side effects will be. There is a failure rate because of improper usage. But if you use it properly then you're able to prevent disease or unwanted pregnancy. And obviously you will not teach a nine-year-old how to put a condom up a banana. Anybody who says that is not thinking straight,” she exclaimed.

When asked if she’s willing to be a spokesperson should Malacañang ask for her help on this matter, she readily replied, “I know what Malacañang's stand is, I know what the president's stand is and I think he has made that very clear. I mean if they get me as one of the ambassadors—because I am not obviously the only one who believes in this thing—but if there's a band of like-minded individuals who feel this strongly about this issue, then I would absolutely agree. I’d do it for free since it’s something that you do for your country, it’s not something you do for a paycheck.”