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Derek Ramsay on being the gamemaster for Biggest Loser: 'It's right up my alley'

Sports enthusiast Derek Ramsay says he's happy to help change the lives of 12 overweight contestants via 'The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition.'



5/28/2011 10:43 PM
Derek Ramsay on being the gamemaster for Biggest Loser: 'It's right up my alley'

052911-derek_main.jpgApart from being a much sought-after leading man, Derek Ramsay is also known for being a sports enthusiast, which is why it was no big surprise when he was chosen to be the gamemaster of ABS-CBN’s newest reality show, The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition. “It’s right up my alley. I think nakita niyo kanina nagiging animal ako when I train [for Frisbee]. I use different types of techniques and I motivate in different ways. One of them is screaming and shouting. But most of the time I am very lenient with the contestants.  But there's one episode na binigyan ko sila ng firm advice and wake up call. I love what I’m doing with Biggest Loser,” said Derek in an interview with Push.com.ph right after his Frisbee training with the Philippine Team last May 25.

Since they’ve already made advance episodes for the show, Derek shared that they’ve just taped an emotional and nerve-racking Biggest Loser challenge that the viewers should watch out for. The athletic 31 year-old also took pride in the contestants’ determination to succeed despite their weight problems. “I saw them struggling, but do I feel sorry for them? No, because I know what the outcome’s going to be. Am I worried that they might hurt themselves? Yes. But I see the bigger picture talaga e. Majority of their life, they’re struggling to do things most of us can do and they can’t.  But after their Biggest Loser experience, they’re going to step out of the cam as new people. I see them a lot happier and more confident with themselves. So hindi ako naaawa kasi alam ko they’re doing something productive.”

Hosted by Sharon Cuneta, The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition will showcase the journey of 12 contestants who’ll be tasked to lose the highest percentage of weight that they can through a series of challenges and rigid workout sessions. Joining the show are top-notch trainers Chinggay Andrada and Jim Sarte together with resident nutrionist Nadine Tengco and other medical experts.