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Karylle says she is relieved but not entirely happy with the annulment of her parents' marriage

Karylle is happy that her parents can move on with their lives after their marriage has been finally annulled.



5/25/2011 8:46 AM
Karylle says she is relieved but not entirely happy with the annulment of her parents' marriage

052511-karylle_main.jpgKarylle said that she feels relieved that the marriage between her mom ZsaZsa Padilla and dad Modesto Tatlonghari has finally been annulled ten years after the petition was first was submitted to the court. The petition had been denied a couple of times, something which ZsaZsa admitted had caused her so much stress.

Now that her mom’s burden has been finally resolved, Karylle is glad that all of them can finally move on. “Kasi ending is not really celebrated but it’s a time for healing and it’s something I want other people to know about only because I know there are many kids from broken families out there, so I’m not shy to say na it’s a time for healing.” Though she is not completely happy about this development, what is important to Karylle that she and her parents can work on healing themselves. “I’m just thankful that parang we can start na because everything has ended officially. Hindi ko masasabing I’m super happy, siyempre bumabalik ang pagkabata ko but I’m just thankful to God na na-introduce ako dito sa family healing and everything because it’s really helping. [It’s] super important and it’s something that kids have to do.”

Karylle also pointed out that it does not change the fact that she loves both her parents who now have separate lives. “Parang relieved that after all these years na-settle na rin siya sa church.  I wish that it didn’t had to take so long of course kasi it is granted for too long, hindi nagsi-start ‘yung healing process.”

Now that ZsaZsa’s first marriage has been annulled, she is now free to wed long-time partner Dolphy in church, which they have been hoping to do for many years now. Asked for her reaction, Karylle answered, “Alam mo malaki na sila. Kung ano man ang mangyari ngayon and how long it takes, I’m not going to rush them or pressure them kasi syempre it’s their lives, and if there’s a wedding, I’ll make sure to cut out all the magazines and make the gown all sexy [for my mom]. But you know I’m not going to bug them or anything. One thing just ended it’s going to take a while to plans things pa.”

Asked when she plans to get married herself, Karylle said that she is not rushing to settle down. “Everything happens in God’s time and I don’t want to rush that nor do I question God’s plans. For now so many things are happening to me,” she said.

The singer was also proud to finally release her album titled, Roadtrip, which was four years in the making. She shared that most of the songs in the album are all her compositions, which she was able to compose during her travels, thus it was entitled Roadtrip.” She described her album as sharing her entire life, including love. Karylle is the producer of her album which is distributed by PolyEast Records.