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Lea Salonga is impressed with Aga and Angel's powerful team-up in 'In The Name Of Love'

Lea Salonga says she's 'blown away' by Angel Locsin and Aga Muhlach's portrayals in 'In The Name Of Love.'



5/18/2011 8:40 AM
Lea Salonga is impressed with Aga and Angel's powerful team-up in 'In The Name Of Love'

051811-lea_main.jpgIn an interview with Push.com.ph, Broadway superstar Lea Salonga shared how amazed she was by the dramatic performance of Angel Locsin who played the alluring Cedes in the movie In The Name Of Love. “This is the first time I’ve seen Angel Locsin in anything. I’ve never seen any of her telenovelas. But I have to be honest and say that I was absolutely blown away by her performance in the film. You know you never have to subtitle where they were or what year it was because of how detailed she was with her acting. And obviously, this girl has done her homework. It’s very obvious what her time and place is. Everything’s so specific. She’s just wonderful to watch and you can’t just take your eyes off her,” she began.

Lea was very vocal about her high regard for Aga Muhlach’s talent and heartthrob looks, which, she claimed, was very evident in the film as well. “I always love to watch him on screen, because one thing, he's incredibly good looking to the point of ridiculous. And his eyes, they’re like these big black marbles. He needs to do very, very little in order for the viewer to feel something and that is something very few actors have—to be gifted with good looks as well as talent. It’s hard for them to be put together. He hasn’t lost his heartthrob looks. Whatever I remember him to be the last time we worked together is exactly what he is on screen.”

After watching In The Name Of Love, Lea added that it further excited her with the prospect that she and Aga can do another movie in the near future. “I was like, okay now I want to do this again. And the cute thing was, as I was walking out [of the cinema during the premiere night], there were fans who were shouting, ‘Kailan kayo magkakabalikan sa pelikula? Sana maulit muli!’ And I’m like, ‘It will happen.’ But I think we just have to find a story that is really right for us. I don’t know if it’s a comedy or drama. I am really convinced that it’s going to be a love story. But my only thing is it has to address the fact that we’re both over forty,” said Lea who kept on teasing Aga for being paired with twenty-something leading ladies in his recent movies.

Lea also commended director Olivia Lamasan for directing such a superb movie. “It’s just nice to see Olive doing another movie. I don’t know what the last movie she had done; but one, I’m happy to see that she's healthy. Two, I’m so happy that she has done something so beautiful and it’s something that was inspiring, knowing what she has been through in her life and to put together something that is a combination of so many riveting things. A lot of it was really riveting to watch. The movie was well-cast, well-scored—thank God—and it was beautifully shot,” she happily stated.