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Is Paul Soriano building a house for longtime girlfriend Toni Gonzaga?

Director Paul Soriano clears up rumors that he plans to settle down with Toni Gonzaga very soon.



5/14/2011 1:47 AM
Is Paul Soriano building a house for longtime girlfriend Toni Gonzaga?

051411-paul-main.jpgPaul Soriano denied rumors of his alleged wedding plans with Toni Gonzaga as well as recent reports that he’s already building a house for her. But he didn’t hide the fact that it’s something that he dreams of, especially if they end up with each other eventually. “Am I planning to build a house for her? Not yet. Am I building a house for me? Well, not yet. [But] I’m definitely saving to build a house. It’s something I really want to do. It’s something of a goal or a dream that you worked so hard on. Isa yan sa mga accomplishment [that I envision for myself],” said the talented director during the Star Magic Station ID shoot at his studio last May 13.

When he finally decides to build his dream house, Paul told Push.com.ph that he would ask for Toni’s inputs because she already has experience in that aspect. “Yeah, she built her own house a couple of years ago. You see that through her hard work she was able to build a house, so she knows a lot. When I look in that direction, when I build my own house, I’ll definitely ask her because marami na siyang contacts already. She would probably ask me, ‘O, you want to get a good deal here?’ I’m sure she knows all that. I think her dad's also into construction as a part-time business so we can also ask their advice.”

Although they don’t have plans to get married anytime soon, Paul said that he’s ready to tie the knot with Toni anywhere she wants to. In fact, he believes that the church in her hometown would be a great choice since it holds a lot of beautiful memories for both of them. “For me the wedding talaga is about Toni and what she wants. Of course me just tell me what time and where, I’ll be there. If she wants it in Taytay, I’ll go to Taytay. I’ve grown to fall in love with Taytay because I’m always there—every other day or whenever I see her in Taytay. We go to that same church that she grew up with and she showed me where she used to live, where she used to go to school and hung out. So Taytay’s like a second home already.”

Despite their busy schedules, Paul said that he and Toni make sure that they get to spend quality time together at least once a week. “Sundays nights are kind of our time. After her The Buzz episode, we meet up for dinner either with her family or my family. We go to church also, we make sure we do that. And then we go home early because she has work again the next day. But whenever we have free time, sometimes it’s spontaneous. You don’t know, baka na-pack up yung shooting niya, or baka ako rin I’ve finished my shoot early. We text each other, ‘Are you done?’ So we meet up, watch a movie, go to dinner, or we’ll hang out at her place.”

The dashing director also explained that he had no problem with Toni’s 12 midnight curfew even though they’re both adults already. “My curfew’s also 12 midnight eh (laughs), which is good because we both need our rest. We value our sleep and our rest. We don’t want to get sick. We don’t want to have something to happen to our health especially in her case since she has an everyday show. She’s got to be in ABS-CBN around 8 am or 9 am. So besides having the curfew, I also want to make sure she's home before 12 midnight or as early as possible so she can get her rest.”

When asked how he feels that Toni’s still not allowed to go out of town with him alone, Paul explained that he really respects her parents’ wishes when it comes to her personal welfare. “Yeah, that’s right. We really respect that, that’s something her parents want, no problem. I think we’ll have the rest of our lives to travel the world together. Day trips, yes. We’ve been to Batangas beach, Subic, Tagaytay—we go there a lot, we have dinner there, come back… sometimes her sister comes with us also. So day trips,