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Jake Cuenca on Melissa Ricks's bittersweet tweets: 'Siyempre it's not good that she feels sad'

Jake Cuenca refuses to say if he's the reason behind Melissa Ricks's emotional posts on Twitter.



5/11/2011 8:10 AM
Jake Cuenca on Melissa Ricks's bittersweet tweets: 'Siyempre it's not good that she feels sad'

051111-jake_main.jpgDuring the red carpet premiere of In The Name of Love last May 10, a lot of people noticed that Melissa Ricks was not there to show her support for Jake Cuenca who delivered a stellar performance in the movie. It fueled speculations about their rumored breakup especially because the young actress has rarely missed such important events of her other celebrity friends. And based on her latest tweets, Melissa seemed to have prioritized Justin Bieber’s concert rather than her rumored boyfriend’s latest endeavor. But Jake told Push.com.ph that there’s no reason for him to feel bad about Melissa’s absence this time around.

“Busy siya today eh. Of course I invited her. No, [hindi ako nagtampo]. Alam ko naman na yung suporta na binibigay sa akin ni Mel higit pa sa pagpunta dito. Kumbaga naitawid ko din yung isang taon at kalahating yun dahil sa suporta ni Melissa. So I think that would be a lot more than just watching the premiere night. And she can watch naman tomorrow in the screenings. That would mean something kasi gagastos pa siya,” he began.

When asked if he’s the reason behind Melissa’s bittersweet and sometimes angry posts on Twitter recently, Jake said that it’s better if Melissa would set the record straight herself. He just said that he’s trying his best not to let her down in terms of spending quality time with her. “Of course you have to ask Mel about that, that’s her opinion. Siyempre it’s not good that she feels sad. Pero I can’t answer for her. Siya na lang ang tanungin niyo. Sinusubukan ko naman talagang pasayahin siya. Siyempre nagkakataon lang talaga these past few months very hectic ang schedule ko.”

But many still believe that all is not well between the two since Jake still refused to give a clear statement about their rumored breakup. “Oo naman, nakakapag-usap kami. Basta ang sa akin, I don’t want to speak too much about it. Siguro naman pwede niyo ibalato sa akin itong gabing ito. It’s been a great night. We're good, we're okay, yun na lang. I just don’t want to go into details about my personal life. Like what I’ve said, sinegregate ko din itong relationship na ito from the rest kasi I want to keep it quiet, I want to keep it to ourselves,” he reiterated.

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