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KC Concepcion is not affected by the allegations that her relationship with Piolo is just showbiz

KC Concepcion reveals that her relationship wih Piolo Pascual works because they don't lie to each other.



4/8/2011 8:38 AM
KC Concepcion is not affected by the allegations that her relationship with Piolo is just showbiz

040811-kc_main.jpgKC Concepcion seemed bubbly but anxious during her very first Star Magic birthday press conference last April 6, Wednesday, at the 14th floor of ELJ Building in the ABS-CBN Compound. KC, whose birthday is on April 7, officially became part of the Star Magic family in November last year after being in mainstream TV for three years.

At the event, KC happily announced that her boyfriend Piolo Pascual sent her a text message earlier that day. The actor is currently out of the country for a concert tour and KC hasn’t seen him in a month. Last Sunday, KC had a birthday celebration on The Buzz and was greeted by her loved ones but there was no greeting from Piolo. In her message, KC blurted out that she had hoped that Piolo greeted her.

The Megadaughter admitted at the press con that she had been really looking forward to “seeing him” giving his birthday greetings to her on The Buzz, but she quickly added that she has always understood that her boyfriend is deeply committed to his work. She also justified that Piolo is cautious about his actions because he does not want people to think that he is doing things for the sake of showbiz. KC also clarified that she really feel bad that Piolo had no greeting. “Not tampo. It’s more of parang hindi ko maintindihan ‘yung ibang mindset [na nagpapaka-showbiz] because I’ve never been with a guy who was so married to his work.”

The host-actress continued that while some people think that their relationship is “showbiz,” she is grateful to Piolo for helping her adjust with criticisms. She continued that she still considers herself a newcomer in the industry and that her boyfriend is better in handling such negative publicities. “It was more than enough. The Buzz did everything that they could to get in touch with him. In fairness sa The Buzz family ko they really tried [to get in touch with Piolo]. But he really wouldn’t want people to think it’s showbiz. That’s honestly what I think. I understand.”

KC firmly said that she is not bothered by detractors who claim that her relationship with Piolo is just a “promotion.” “That’s the most trivial,” said KC. “What’s important to me is if it’s working between us in private.” She explained that she and Piolo try to preserve their relationship and keep their issues just between the two of them. She explained that there are times when she and Piolo do not agree on certain things, but they try to work them out.

“But sa intriga I guess he’s used to it. So he helps me to have the right mindset about intriga and we’re honest, were both honest to each other and which is important. ‘Yung foundation ng relationship namin is honesty kasi, who would want to lie, di ba?”  She also said that she and her boyfriend agree that they will be open with each other about everything. “In a relationship for me my priority is don’t lie to yourself, kasi more than lying to me you’re going to hurt yourself. He’s doing a good job you know. If he’s not being honest with himself and with me, problema niya ‘yon but I think he is [honest].”