Kris Aquino on love: 'Never again na talaga'

Kris Aquino says that she is currently not on friendly terms with ex-hubby James Yap after their last annulment hearing.



4/6/2011 9:07 AM
Kris Aquino on love: 'Never again na talaga'

040611-kris_main.jpgKris Aquino explained that her heart is on its way to redemption after her failed relationship with ex-husband James Yap. The former couple is currently going through an annulment to end their six-year marriage.

At the April 5 press conference for her new album My Heart’s Journey, Kris surprised everyone who attended when she said that she does not want to be in love again. “Ayoko na rin talaga. As of today, ayoko na talaga,” stressed the Queen of All Media. “Hindi talaga ako allowed to talk about the annulment process but it’s really difficult. I’m not allowed to share what the testimony was at court but I took the stand almost three weeks ago and pagkatapos tinext ko ang ate ko, ‘Ate Ballsy,’ I said, ‘Never again na talaga.’”

She continued that she also informed her eldest sister to keep the text so her ate can remind her when there would be a time that she would want to introduce someone special to the family. And as if Kris was not sure of what she just said, she added, “As of April 5, never again,” which she followed with a laugh.

The host-actress related that she had many hurtful experiences while going through the process of annulment and added that the idea of getting married again has become repulsive to her because she does not want the same hurtful cycle all over again.

Although Kris was clear in saying that she might stick to her resolution not to get romantically involved again, her statements also suggested that she might change her mind in the future. “Kung papayagan mo ang sarili mo to get into another relationship or not, nandun ka. You’re 50% of that equation, so at this point in my life, sinasabi ko na hindi talaga ako handa, ayoko. I don’t think merong tao na darating sa buhay ko now na nandito sa buhay ko na mapapabago ang isip ko,” she shared. She continued that she is not blaming anyone for this decision because it’s a self-realization. Besides, Kris said that she is currently happy being single and she does not want to ruin the peace that she has now but jumping in another relationship.

Kris also bluntly said that she is currently not on friendly terms with James and that they did not talk to each other during the last hearing that they attended a few weeks ago. However, she clarified that she learned to separate her personal emotions from the fact that her ex-husband is a loving dad to their son, James “Bimby” Yap. “For as long as okay sila [ni Bimby], labas na ako sa equation na ‘yan and huwag n’yo na akong tanungin sa kanya kasi susumbatan na naman niya ako na bakit ako nagko-comment sa buhay niya, eh siya hindi naman nagko-comment sa buhay ko, so I wish [him] well,” Kris said.

She also denied recent issues that she supposedly felt bad about the “demotion” of The Price is Right from a daily program to a once-a-week show. “No. In fairness talaga sa akin mature talaga ako,” she pressed. “Honest to God, inintindi ko because it was shown to me by the head of our research and it’s really a good decision to move me to Saturday because now we’re doing better [in terms of ratings].”  

With her fifth album, My Heart’s Journey, shares about her life's journey and the different phases of love. Her previous albums have either reached gold or platinum records. In her albums, Kris usually relates the current status of her life in spoken-words, accompanied by songs of her choice rendered by popular singers.

When asked Kris if she ever considered doing some of the songs in any of her albums, she answered, “Kasi nga bumebenta, huwag na nating i-destroy ‘yung formula [kasi] gusto nila ‘yung spoken-words. I think kase generally, 75-85 percent of those who buy the album are