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Lea Salonga is relieved that Willie Revillame will no longer file a libel suit against her

While she is glad that Willie Revillame isn't suing her, Lea Salonga maintains that she couldn't be sued merely for expressing an opinion on Twitter.



4/30/2011 7:30 PM
Lea Salonga is relieved that Willie Revillame will no longer file a libel suit against her

050111-lea_main.jpgWhen she heard the news that the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) filed a complaint for child abuse against Willie Revillame, Lea Salonga explained that there’s no reason for her to feel vindicated since her tweets concerning his alleged harassment of a child contestant on Willing Willie was never meant to attack him on a personal level. “Vindication is not the right word and it's not even something I’m thinking about. I mean, I wish every side the best of luck. You know at this point, let's just see what happens. No, vindication is not a word I would use. I honestly don’t what I feel about this whole thing right now,” said the internationally-renowned star during the 125th anniversary party of Avon at Republiq last April 28.

Lea didn’t deny, however, that she felt relieved that Willie changed his mind about filing a libel suit against her and the other celebrities who supposedly criticized his actions during his variety show’s March 12 episode. “Obviously, there's relief. However, that said, I don’t know if you can actually file a case against someone for expressing an opinion. I can very well file a case against him, I guess, for the stuff that he might have said. But my thing is, you know what, you’re in showbiz. You are [and] I am an open target for criticism. And for much of my career, I have been an open target for criticism for how I dress, how I talk, how I sing, how I act, how I behave, for my personality—name it and that’s for 33 years of a very long career. So anybody can say pretty much anything they want. Just do not make me mura and I will respect what they have to say.”

She stressed that the whole thing was just blown out of proportion because she was a celebrity and anything contradictory that she says could easily turn into a controversy. “I said something on Twitter and it’s going to snowball. I think anyone of us individually is responsible necessarily for the snowball effect. But i think there are a lot of people that are not well known that did say something [about Jan Jan’s video]. We just happened to be celebrities that’s why we get a lot of attention. But the funny thing is a lot of us give opinion for a lot of things and nobody pays us any attention. So I’m like, why are you paying attention to us now?”

Apparently, it doesn’t bother Lea anymore since she’s used to being criticized for her bold and sometimes unpopular ideas. “I am not necessarily [scared of getting caught up in a controversy]. I find myself embroiled in arguments with people and some controversies and stuff previous to this, so it’s not exactly something new; but it’s something we try to avoid because it’s not good for business. But that said, you just kind of avoid any animosity towards anybody and that certainly was not the intent of what I posted,” she reiterated.