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Georgina Wilson is happy to be called the 'makamasang socialite'

Georgina Wilson admits her stint on 'Showtime' was a very different experience for her.



4/30/2011 7:18 PM
Georgina Wilson is happy to be called the 'makamasang socialite'

Popular model Georgina Wilson took on a different role as a guest judge on Showtime for some weeks. Georgina, who is the cover girl of Maven magazine’s premiere issue, shared how much she enjoyed her stint on the show. “I’ve been really busy. I’ve had less time for myself but I’ve also been happier. It’s rewarding. I feel like even when I get really tired, as soon as I’m working, I’m just so happy,” she shared with Maven magazine.

The 25-year-old also admitted that if it weren’t for her good friend and Showtime host Anne Curtis, she would never even have entertained the thought of being involved in a daily show. “I didn’t even think about it—not even for a second. I was with Anne the day before watching a movie and they’ve asked me a lot before, but I never considered it. But when they asked me again, I said, Why don’t I just try it? I wanted to try something new and I went for it. First I was telling Anne, This is going to be really weird!’ How am I going to do this? I’ve never even watched a full episode of Showtime,” she admitted in Maven’s maiden issue.

Georgina admitted that doing Showtime has helped her become more appealing to people who are more used to seeing her on billboards than on television. “It probably made me more relatable. It also made me more human. They saw that I can make mistakes, make fun of myself, and laugh. It made them realize that I’m real and not something you see in print all the time,” she said in Maven’s cover story.

Even Georgina’s boyfriend Borgy Manotoc approved of her Showtime stint. “He was impressed that I was able to do it. He knows the real me, but he still didn’t think that I could do a show like that. It’s a very difficult show; you have to always please the crowd and it’s live. He was proud of the dedication that I had to put in,” she added. Georgina also shared that she had fun working with other Showtime regulars like Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro. “I didn’t feel like it was ever work. I felt that I was hanging out with my friends. We would judge contestants that were so happy to be there and we’d go home. The only part of it that felt like work was getting up in the morning. The rest of the day was pure fun,” she admitted.

Through the show, Georgina was able to show off her love for singing, which prompted suggestions from her fans that she make an album someday. “So many people tweet me that! Sana. (laughs). Maybe. But it would be just for fun,” she says.

To read the full article on Georgina Wilson, get a copy of Maven magazine at all leading bookstores nationwide. Maven is published by ABS-CBN Publishing.

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