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Korean group 2AM add to the boy band fever with their Manila tour

Korean group 2AM serenade their fans with free performances around the city.


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4/30/2011 1:22 AM
Korean group 2AM add to the boy band fever with their Manila tour

043011-2am1_main.jpgAfter a successful meet and greet at the Newport Plaza and The Venice Piazza, one of Korea’s hottest all-male groups 2AM will round out their MCA Music four-day promo tour with a grand show at the Eastwood Mall Open Park at 5 pm on April 30. The balladeer heartthrobs, who have been making waves both on Korean television and in the music scene, were admittedly very excited to visit their fans in the country. “It’s our first time to visit the Philippines and we’re very thankful that there are many fans here so we can give a great performance. This is our first full album so other than those single albums and the albums beforehand, we really gave our full effort to this album. All of the songs in this album are new and previously unreleased,” shared 2AM leader Jo Kwon via interpreter during the 2AM press con last April 29. The group released their first full-length album titled “Saint O’Clock Special Edition” last April 25.

The group, which is composed of members Changmin, Jo Kwon, Jinwoon, and Seulong, revealed some of their personal interests to the media during their presscon. Their interpreter said the group is collectively into listening to mostly upbeat dance music and ballads, which explains is why most of the songs they sing are ballads. 2AM’s most senior member Changmin also admitted who it was they idolize the most in the Korean music industry, “Ever since our first album was released, (another popular Korean group) G.O.D has always been our role model.” They also idolize their producer, mentor, and big brother Park Jin-Young (more popularly known as JYP), the CEO and founder of JYP Entertainment, one of the top artist management companies in Korea.

The group also explained why they remained very active on the social networking site Twitter. “Since it’s hard to find time to meet all our fans, we try to tweet a lot about everything like food, pictures because we want to communicate with our fans,” explained Seulong.

During their spare time, the group admitted that they mostly enjoy activities like working out to improve their physique, watching movies, and indulging in hobbies that can also improve their skills. “I like surfing the internet and going on sites likes Twitter and Facebook. I love to exercise, play drums and other musical instruments. That’s how I release stress and enjoy my spare time,” youngest member Jinwoon said.

All set to continue taping for another sitcom in Korea, 2AM leader Jo Kwon loves to chill during his free days. “I love to watch movies, chat with my friends, and take a lot of naps. I like to rest because I’m always tired,” he admitted.

2AM vocalist Seulong showed his fashionable side with his answer. “I always bring my bracelets and rings to whatever country I visit, but I keep losing them so I only brought a few this time. I’ll go buy some new bracelets which I like. I love to shop,” he adds.

A self-confessed cook, rapper Changmin said he couldn’t help but be curious about Filipino food and admitted that the first thing he bought when he arrived in the country was a bottle of banana ketchup! “Just like everybody my age, I like to collect shoes and backpacks. I like web surfing, internet shopping and I also cook,” he said.

Catch 2AM live on April 30 at 5 pm at the Eastwood Mall Open Park.