DSWD files child abuse case against Willie Revillame

Secretary Dinky Soliman says she refuses offers to settle the case outside the court.


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4/28/2011 8:35 AM
DSWD files child abuse case against Willie Revillame

042811-willie_main.jpgAfter the case filed against him by women and child rights advocates End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking  of Children for Sexual Purposes (ECPAT), this time it was the Department of Welfare and Social Development (DSWD)’s turn to file a complaint for child abuse against Willie Revillame at the Quezon City Fiscal’s office. The complaint was also in connection with the TV host’s actions during the March 12 episode of his variety show wherein he allowed Jan Jan to continue dancing like a macho dancer even though the six-year-old was already visibly crying and humiliated while doing it. “Nakatungtong dun sa aksyon na ginawa ni Ginoong Revillame na nagpapakita ng paglalait at pagpapahiya sa bata. At ang aksyon na iyon ay anyo ng abuso,“ says DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman in the April 27 episode of TV Patrol.  

Secretary Soliman said it was the DSWD’s duty to protect the rights of the child against abuse. The DSWD Secretary also stated why they did not include Jon-Jon’s parents in the complaint. “Hindi maliwanag kung alam nilang  ganun ang mangyayari sa bata,” she tells TV Patrol. As of the moment, there are 350 cases of child abuse filed by the DSWD in the courts since 2009. Secretary Soliman also says she will not be swayed by any outside parties who are still trying to persuade the DSWD to just settle the case outside the courts.

According to Willie Revillame’s camp, the filing of the case against the TV host was a favorable action for them. “Magkakaroon tayo ng pagkakataon na ipakitayung buong 48 minutes nung episode. This YouTube uploaded version is spliced, it’s tampered, and makes a false representation of what really happened,” explains Atty. Leonard De Vera, counsel for Willie Revillame. Atty. De Vera also added that they were not surprised by the action taken by the DSWD on the matter because of previous statements made by Secretary Soliman against Willie Revillame. “Here, she has already pronounced Willie as a criminal,” he cites, referring to DSWD’s document in the April 27 episode of TV Patrol. Although there is a possibility of Willie filing a counter case, his camp chooses to remain silent on the matter at the moment.