Is Xian Lim gearing up for a singing career?

Xian Lim puts up an online video channel for his fans.



4/26/2011 8:04 AM
Is Xian Lim gearing up for a singing career?

042611-xian_main.jpgXian Lim returned to Showtime as a guest hurado and once again wowed the “madlang pipol” with his talent in singing and playing various musical instruments. He also recently put up a YouTube channel (XianLim8) where he uploads videos of himself performing renditions of popular pop songs. In an interview with, Xian said that his YouTube was born out of having too much leisure time. “I love just staying home and playing my instruments when I'm not busy with work or studies. I started a YouTube channel because I wanted to share my music with everyone.”

The 22-year-old model-turned-actor was just happy that because of Showtime, and now his YouTube channel, he has the chance to entertain people with his talents. “It's also a good way to keep my supporters entertained and see a different side of me. I also want people to see my own interpretation of the song. Expect more covers on my channel and later on I'll post some of my original compositions.”

In his many “samples” on Showtime, Xian played numerous musical instruments, like the guitar, keyboard, ukulele, and even a trombone. then asked how many instruments can he actually play. “I can't really give you an exact number of how many I play. My hobby is collecting musical instruments. Let’s just put it this way, give me any instrument and I'll play it for you. Ha ha ha!

So does this mean that Xian is thinking about becoming a legit musician, and maybe record an album very soon? He answered, “Why not? Ha ha ha! If I was given the chance and the opportunity to show my talent to everyone, every performance will come from the heart. Album? Hmmm... hopefully!”

While Xian spent most of his childhood in the US, he can speak fluent Tagalog. He only came home to the Philippines three years ago to give showbiz a try. He credits his mother for teaching him to play the piano and encouraging him to learn to play other instruments.

On his YouTube channel, Xian has renditions of a few popular songs like “Replay,” “I’m Yours,” and “Officially Missing You.” Some of the current hits he likes at the moment include songs of Bruno Mars, The Script, Jason Mraz, and other local songs. Fans can follow him on Twitter <@ XianLimm> for updates.