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Erich Gonzales says she enjoys herself the most when traveling



4/23/2011 4:36 PM
Erich Gonzales says she enjoys herself the most when traveling

Erich Gonzales isn’t used to having many days off, but the 20-year-old actress admits she is not complaining one bit. “I’m happy when I’m doing something. I want my days to be productive. I want to be busy forever!” she shared in the April issue of Chalk magazine.

Although she has been doing mostly dramatic roles, Erich admitted she is a big fan of scary movies. “I like horror talaga. My scary movies are different though. They’re aaaah-scary, like horror movies from Thailand. I watched The Rite and it’s not scary-scary like The Exorcist,” she shared. But what really tops her list is a Korean comedy blockbuster. “My favorite movie of all time is My Sassy Girl. They did an American version that I didn’t like. Hindi nagaya yung original. Go watch the original!” she urged.

In Chalk’s cover story, the pretty Davaoena shows her adventurous side by admitting a penchant for traveling, riding jet skis, and rollercoasters. Of the latter, Erich said the scariest she’s ever ridden was the Superman ride in one of the giant theme parks in Los Angeles which she experienced during a past tour in California. ”When it was over, I was glad I was still alive!” she told Chalk magazine. Erich revealed cliff jumping is next on her list. “But I just learned that I need to train muna. I think you need two lessons. But oh my gosh, I saw lots of videos on YouTube! They haven’t gone down yet and I feel mamamatay na ako! But I really want to try it!” she excitedly shared.

When it comes to traveling, Erich said she would like to stay away from tourist traps and experience discovering new places alone as opposed to being with a group. “If you want to do something, you have to wait for them pa. I like exploring on my own, pero I’ve never traveled alone. Parang it’s not fun if you’re all alone. I want a ka-chika when I’m walking around,” she admitted. The pretty morena admitted that her current dream destination is Europe. “I really want to go to Paris, Italy, and Rome! And sana soon before I get too old,” she added. Erich also shared some travel tips for girls like her. I pack my own bags so make sure you’re not ngarag when you pack. If you are, you’ll forget a lot of things! Just relax. Also, take lots of pictures because they are memories. And don’t just shop! Learn about the history and culture of every place you visit,” she shared.

Currently on the annual Star Magic tour to Los Angeles, New York, and San Jose, Erich said she always looks forward to towards visiting and performing for the TFC fans. “They really made an effort to see us kahit sandali. They do sweet things that really affect me. Nakakataba ng puso,” she said.