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Boy Abunda on his closeness to the Aquino family: 'I am the sixth Aquino'

Boy Abunda talks about his strong bond with Kris Aquino and her other siblings.



4/20/2011 9:02 AM
Boy Abunda on his closeness to the Aquino family: 'I am the sixth Aquino'

042011-boy_main.jpgIn his graduation speech, King of Talk Boy Abunda paid tribute to his long-standing friendship with Kris Aquino who wasn’t able to make it to his special graduation rites since she was busy preparing for her flight to U.S. last April 11. “Kris wanted to be here today. She was the first one I told after Bong (Quintana, his partner of 28 years), I said, ‘Krissy, I graduated.’ Sabi niya, ‘I want to be there.’ Sabi ko, ‘Hindi, because you’re leaving tonight.’ She deserves a vacation with her children (a Disney cruise in the Mexican Riviera). She has been working so hard,” said Boy who earned a Master’s Degree in International Relations in Public Diplomacy at the Philippine Women’s University.

Through all the milestones and controversies that they’ve encountered as friends/colleagues, Boy said that there are no words to describe the depth of their love and devotion towards each other. “She is the younger sister I never had. When Tita Cory (the late president Corazon Aquino) passed away, and when she asked permission from the family if she could give me the other Risen Christ which is kept in the room of Tita Cory, she wrote me the note that, ‘From now on you have the right to pull me down when I fly and you have the right to shut me up when I over talk.’ Of course that’s not true, I don’t shut her up. And then she said, ‘That this is for the rest of our lives.’”

Boy further shared that he and Kris are the kind of friends who can speak their minds to each other without worrying about being judged or frowned upon. “She is the one person in my life who will tell me, whether I agree or not with her, what she thinks and what she feels about the things I do. Whether I’m liked or disliked, whether she's liked or disliked… She has made me realize that, at the end of the day, we go back to our core; we go back to our God. We are left with nothing but our needs, for us to kneel and pray. I have the most stimulating conversations with Krissy. I know she wanted to be here but she has to go and prepare for this trip.”

The King of Talk also expressed his loyalty to Kris’s brother, President Noynoy Aquino, whose administration is currently plagued by all sorts of criticisms from the public. “Hindi po kaila sa inyong kaalaman na I will give my life up for the president. I got into trouble because of some of the things I said during the campaign period. But I stand by my faith and my belief that we have a good president, that we have a president of character, that we have a president who will not steal, that we have a president to be trusted. We have a president that we should give a chance to run this government. That’s why it’s partly a joke and partly true, because of my social climbing capabilities, when I say that I am the sixth Aquino.”

As it is, Boy’s three other “Aquino sisters” graced the event and he didn’t forget to thank them for treating him like a member of the Aquino family. “Ballsy (Cruz), Viel (Dee) and Pinky (Abellada), thank you. If mommy-tita Cory were alive, naglakas-loob ako na puntahan siya, ‘Tita, you have to come to my graduation.’ And I know she would have come.  I was afraid that Noy would come. I didn’t make reservations for more than a hundred (laughs). I can’t thank you enough for making me feel part of the family, for your love, for your trust, the genuine relationship that we have. I’ll be forever grateful because I know, minus the politics, minus the presidency, minus all these contraptions, I have your love and you have mine,” he stated.